Japan revises Fukushima cleanup plan; delays removal of spent fuel rods


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Wasn’t it Abe that stated, “Fukushima is under control.” to gain favor for the Tokyo olympics? Looking at the troubles that still lay ahead in the article, it seem very far from “under control.” It seems more like a far worse nuclear disaster in the waiting to happen.

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s promise that the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant was “under control” in his successful pitch three years ago for Tokyo to host the 2020 Olympic Games “was a lie”, former premier Junichiro Koizumi said on Wednesday.

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Hey, hey, people! A little radiation never hurt anyone. 3 eyed fish and glow in the dark vegetables are quite healthy. King Abe says so.

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Pathetic! The area should be entombed in cement for 50 years minimum and shut off to all. Let nature heal herself. People "fixing the trouble" are only making it worse.

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CS - Pathetic! The area should be entombed in cement for 50 years minimum and shut off to all. Let nature heal herself. People "fixing the trouble" are only making it worse.

Oh, dear! You really need to do some reading before you make such statements. Fukushima Dai-ichi cannot be entombed as you suggest. This is because of the 4,700 fuel rods that still remain in the reactors. These rods need to be constantly cooled, which has created the millions of tons of radioactive water they intend to dump into the ocean.

Chernobyl was able to be capped because when it exploded it blew the fuel rods all over the countryside. The Chernobyl reactor did not have a containment vessel covering the fuel rods.

If Fukushima was capped the fuel rods would heat themselves to the point of becoming plasma and burn through the crust of the Earth making the old science-fiction movie, The China Syndrome into science-fact.

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All of which is why old style nuclear is not the cheap limitless energy it was hyped as by the corporations flogging it to governments around the world.

Not to say that nuclear could and may well need to be part of the future energy mix but not the current technologies or the slightly improved versions all too often offered. There are better, intrinsically safer and more efficient (burn more, leave little radioactive residue) systems available and being developed.

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Totally no surprise. The radiation level inside the No2 reactor building is 15 SIEVERTS/hr. Everything will have to be done with robots.

Decommissioning means after a normal life cycle. This is the world's second largest nuclear disaster. No1-No4 reactors are something beyond what can be called decommissioning.

Maybe they could apply that terminology to the No5&No6 reactors.

To date the cost is about ¥25 trillion and the final cost will exceed more than ¥100 trillion. It won't take 50 years, it will take 100 years and more.

The damaged spent fuel cooling pools are the most dangerous should another powerful earthquake and tsunami happen and further destroy those pools.

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Once finished it'll be priceless. Buy property there.

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