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Japan sees 2.69 million visitors in January


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Japan sees 2.69 million visitors in January, matching 2019's record pace

As a Japanese aquaintance of mine remarked, what this means is maybe an extra shift at a precarious, contract wage job and having to learn English phrases.

Like the daily devaluation of the yen, export surpluses and historic Nikkei stock market highs all this lucre is flowing to the few capital owners, and then to tax shelters.

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What gets me are the complaints when there are no tourists and then more complaints when they come back!

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What gets me are the complaints when there are no tourists and then more complaints when they come back!

It’s usually not the same person making both complaints.

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Keep rising.

Go Japan!!..

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Many skiers this year. Prices have gone up in Japan, which hurts if you earn yen, but are still much cheaper in relative terms to skiing in other countries.

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Now Japan has become an adjunct of the SE Asia backpacker itinerary and the 'Snow Bali' of Australia, wxpect some quitky and interesting bars and clubs to spring up in hotspots.

Already in some Nagano amd Hokkaido towns, bars are full of foreigners splashing cash across very Western style bars and clubs enjoying some Apres Ski activities and hooking up.

Very fun places to be really.

I can't wait for some summer events where buckets of 6x Asahi bottles are sold for 1200yen - bargain party town.

Kao Sahn Road with yakitori and robots.

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Good news for everyone, keep it going Japan.

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i have been to dozen of countries in Asia, Japan is the best place to visit / stay, followed by Taiwan.

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I believe soon Japan will be welcoming ~ 4 million tourists in the peak months, such as when hanami is on. Astonishing numbers. Tourism is a brilliant export for Japan.

Japanese kids attending colleges could do worse than study hospitality and tourism. Guaranteed jobs - and huge foreign money is flowing in! 70% of foreign tourists are Asian - so a focus on Asian languages may be crucial for this industry to keep booming.

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