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Okinawa to be placed under state of emergency until June 20


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Tonight we have over 200 guests swimming and enjoying, I don't think will stop anyone coming down for their weekends of enjoyment

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You can thank the mainlanders for this one.

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Like I said before, Denny should have done this before GW but he wanted to place his bets on the tourists. Further, he told people before GW to only interact with family members or people that directly live together, but this clown decides to have a barbeque during GW at his wife's parent's home, no doubt with people who don't live with he and his wife. He gets caught and then has to apologize. Now this clown travels to Tokyo with his entourage to plead for the emergency declaration placing himself and his entourage at risk walking through the airports and traveling; exactly what you're not supposed to do. Can't make this up, he's an idiot.

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The rules only apply to the peasants. Denny likes the celebrity aspect of being governor and not having to follow the rules. He caught the virus back at the beginning of the pandemic when the first lockdown was in effect, spent sixteen days in the hospital and not a peep from the Okinawa media.

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Department stores and other major commercial facilities are also being told to temporarily shut or close early,

Open everything later and close everything earlier. Great idea for food stores. That way you get your customers jammed into one venue doing super social distancing. Brilliant.

Just like Tokyo and other major cities have done with trains. Less trains, shorter trains, shortened schedules. Brilliant for social distancing.

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Shabbat Shalom everyone. Light those candles and pray for peace and harmony.

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All those selfish idiots bringing themselves and it over GW. Hope they have a really good think about how selfish they were. STAY HOME. Maybe write it in Japanese, then they'll understand!

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If the government would do proper contact tracing, they could identify the source of increases in cases and avoid these random closures of restaurants and bars that may or may not be the source.

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Isn’t the theory about less infections in hot or warmer areas, in low populated areas, everyone opening doors and windows, strong sea breeze etc. ? Good, that it’s only a theory.

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Thank God, at last.

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The way this is going it looks like we will have to live with these stupid SOE rules until the Olympics.

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Golden Week: From Tokyo, With Love!

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Stay safe and flag up deliberate and partisan misinformation about this pandemic.

Shabbat Shalom everyone. Light those candles and pray for peace and harmony.

And to you. Despite having nothing to do with the topic. Sorry your well intentioned message of peace was downvoted.

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