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Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers


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But the authorities said such alternative treatment will no longer be available, as the country reels from surging infections.

Shifting blame? Aren’t rising COVID numbers more attributed to crowded gatherings inside the country instead of incoming overseas travelers?

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Until Sunday, the country's quarantine authorities, however, still allowed those who had come to Japan with insufficient certificates to stay

Probably one reason why about 10-15 people per day, everyday (for months... almost a year actually) are tested positive at immigration on entry.

And how these people rode together on an enclosed airplane for several hours with all the other passengers.

Any wonder how all the mutant forms have now become so prevalent in Japan?

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Recently, five athletes and staff returning from a wrestling tournament in Kazakhstan were tested positive.

Like politicians, they obey different rules, but can bring the virus back.

Commoners must obey drastic measures, not politicians, athletes, airlines staff, etc.....

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Unless you are part of the Olympic Royalty! Then you may come and go as you please! :::Slow clap for the J-Gov't:::::

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Does this apply to arriving passengers that have been fully vaccinated?

Just asking.

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Japan on Monday tightened its rules on coronavirus test certificates needed to be submitted by all passengers upon arrival at Japanese airports

Simply unbelievable!

Cases surging and the strategy remains the same: brainwashing the population to blame the foreigners that “come to our superior Japan with their foreign virus”.

The problem is in Japan for more than a year now and no measures have been taken to control the pandemic apart from a ridiculous “close restaurants by 8PM”. No testing, no tracing to identify clusters, no effort to emphasise the importance of social distancing, that does not happen anywhere in big cities as Tokyo and Osaka.

Regarding traveling, until very recently japanese citizens did not have to take a PCR before flying back to Japan while all foreigners had to (correctly!). From this, it is relatively easy to identify who was more likely to bring the new variants.

Japanese government will keep blaming foreigners instead of taking action and serious measures to curb infections.

Wonder when will foreign governments understand that this is no safe country to send their athletes and committees to the cursed Olympics!

This government doesn’t even take care of its people, you think it will take care of the foreigners they blame for everything bad that happens around here?

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Still blaming foreigners to deflect from their non-existent measures to mitigate covid internally. Rationing the numbers entering Japan is pointless.

25 ( +28 / -3 )

In countries like China, fake virus test certificates are readily available, so tightening the entry rules won’t help much as long as Japan accepts foreigners with “special exceptional circumstances.”

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Well that's rich coming from a country that has innoculated 1% of its population AND STILL insists on holding the Olympics.

I think now though, the rest of the world is catching on to Japan's attitude; blaming foreign people for the virus spread, the stubborn insistence on holding the Olympics, the whole host of gaffs surrounding the Olympics..

I really hope so, although I don't hear much about it in the news.

Still blaming foreigners to deflect from their non-existent measures to mitigate covid internally.

standard Japanese SOP

Rationing the numbers entering Japan is pointless.

What exactly has the LDP done regarding the pandemic or anything else for that matter that isn't?

Japanese leadership is like a clown car with clowns tripping all over each other.

19 ( +21 / -2 )

That will be loosened as same as quarantine.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Japan wake up ! Start policing your own people and stop always pointing fingers at foreigners or foreign elements ! I'm 100% sure those allowed in without tests were all Japanese citizens. We, long term residents, would not even dream of coming back without a test in place. Have a walk around Tokyo between 17:00 and 21:00, look into bars and restaurants and see how locals totally and happily ignore social distancing, mask wearing, etc. Imagine the comments if a 'gaijin' was to do that. Sorry Japan, you are far, far behind. Neon lights and fast trains do not make up for a basic lack of political ability to manage a people and relationships with others. It's embarrassing to some locals who know better, but the vast majority of citizens here do not even know what we're talking about. Detach from Japanese society, you must not contribute anything until they are prepared to look at you as an equal. Until then, no contribution!

32 ( +34 / -2 )

Pretending to take effective measures while blaming people who come over from gaikoku. Two birds with one stone.

24 ( +26 / -2 )

This is frankly unbelievable,and all of this for saving face around the world and keep the narrative to it’s people.

Keep the fear for the others knowing that the problem lies within their institution and inability to handle the pandemic.

I won’t make the name of the country but if you’re smart and do your research you can easily guess,it’s one of the G7 and has less than half of the population from Japan.

Still yesterday they were able to make 150.000 tests compared to the 5.000 with a population which is massively bigger.

This shows how the government of Japan is just saving face and for the rest completely unable to take any good initiative besides at first deny foreigners with permanent visa to return to Japan(this has been changed due to international pressure) GoTo eat and travel,close restaurants and bars by 20:00 like the virus is dormient during days but allowing trains and mall centres to be packed.

The land of hypocricy and I feel sorry for the common people which most are unable to get informations to other sources due to their inability to speak another foreign language.

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The land of hypocricy and I feel sorry for the common people which most are unable to get informations to other sources due to their inability to speak another foreign language.

The general public here are as concerned and aware as anywhere else. Online forums and comment sections are filed with comments in Japanese echoing the sentiments you see here. For a lot of people there is no option to work from home, so they just have to lump it.

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vaccine certificates are a scam. You can buy them on the internet for $20. I was asked by a Japanese entering a store without a mask. I showed a screenshot of my sister-in-laws negative test result in English. I’m not a woman and live in Japan, but, I was OK to go.

-19 ( +2 / -21 )

At this point I am in favor of vaccine passports for all incoming and outgoing international travel. No vaccine. no travel... no exceptions.

Yes, that means Japan has to get on the ball to organize, distribute and administer a vaccine... ASAP. Maybe when Japanese citizens/businesses are prevented from traveling then the gov would take swifter action.

I see a LOT of criticisms of Japan & Japanese government here... yeah the COVID response hasnt been 'perfect' in Japan... that may be an understatement. However overall it hasnt been terrible, not like the US or some countries in Europe, South America, even Asia.

I realize I may be in the minority here for this opinion, but honestly I am much more comfortable having my family and myself living through this pandemic in Japan than in the US or many other countries. My biggest complaint is just that I ca not work/make a living during SOE.

-14 ( +3 / -17 )

Except none of this applies to the many thousands exempt from quarantine because of the Olympics. And what about the three apps and the renting of mobile phones. Is this still in force? Not for the Olympics of course.

BTW Does Bach need a test result for his visit. Quarantine obviously not, and rented mobile phones and apps unlikely.

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I want to travel myself, but don't think it is responsible between most countries at the present time.

Here's an example of 47 passengers being found to be infected on a plane from India to Hong Kong. Most cases were detected on day 12 (twelve!) of quarantine. Hong Kong has a 21 day quarantine. All passengers on the flight tested negative before the flight. Apparently they were in different hotels and it cannot be blamed on them.


And yes, there does appear to be an Indian variant.

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Does this apply to arriving passengers that have been fully vaccinated?

Just asking.

I have the same question too, I'm flying back to the US next month to get vaxed, wonder if the certificate will suffice... most likely not??

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Does this apply to arriving passengers that have been fully vaccinated?

Just asking.

I would hope so. Being vaccinated doesn't prevent being a carrier.

What it does is drastically reduce the chances of being a carrier and if the vaccinated person does get COVID, then the symptoms will be much reduced, often to the point that the infected person doesn't realize they have the virus. They certainly won't need to be hospitalized.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

The purpose of the certificate is only for international travel.

So local imprisonment is the answer for freedom? I will only say this once: this virus is either a biological attack on China that went wrong, or, a chance for the “great reset”.

in the real world, we are biological organisms. Carbon based.

In the future we will experience a new MERS, Bird Flu, Swine flu, BSE, nanoplastic casonogenic poisoning, low dose radiation...

point is...this is geopolitical, globalization manipulation.

anybody still care about malaria?

-14 ( +3 / -17 )

I find it hilarious that many of you here discover "blame shifting" or claims of Japanese "superiority" in a news article completely FREE of any such claims! lol. You all must feel a severe need to criticize Japan whenever possible, even if it means reading false motivations and absent attitudes into news write-ups where there is ZERO evidence to support your claims!

Who here would try to claim that New Zealanders, for example, were "shifting blame onto the outside world" or "trying to show how superior their country is" when they, too, totally and utterly blocked any inflights into country, to say nothing of not allowing those with no PRC test results? lol. You'd sound quite foolish, and well you should do, but with Japan...there are different rules for criticism, obviously?

Many here must live their lives endless searching out new ways to be personally offended, or for opportunities to be outwardly critical towards a foreign Japanese culture and people at every turn! lol If so, then I suggest you look in the mirror to find the very thing which you knee-jerkingly blame others of doing!

-14 ( +3 / -17 )

Tests are between 10-69% accurate for cheap fast tests. PCP tests are more accurate. If you have a test one day before a flight, the virus takes 2.5 days to 14 days to present. That translates to either you develop or spread the virus for up to two weeks with total confidence you are invincible.

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Can't wait for dentists to start issuing vaccine certificates. Cue story down the line of some corrupt oyaji dentist selling fake ones.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Aly RustomToday 07:52 am JST

Well that's rich coming from a country that has innoculated 1% of its population AND STILL insists on holding the Olympics.

Agree. In the US, if you are 16 or older, you can get the vaccine. That is now the only qualification. And just a hair over 50% of the country has at least one shot.

Japan can and should do better.

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How about all those diplomatic staff? They probably still can come and leave completely unchecked as they please, distributing not only drugs, but also now the virus loads. In addition all those rules bring nothing. A complete healthy attacker could enter anytime and then spread a virus containing mass or fluid without being noticed at all. Forget it, only a complete closing would help, as the intrusion of those far away variants clearly showed.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

The most dangerous liars are those who believe they tell the truth.

Japan, please wake up your leaders.

10 ( +13 / -3 )

The success of Japanese entry requirements can be measured quite simply. Just look at the numbers of the British variant, the SA variant and the Brazilian variant and very soon the particularly nasty Indian variant in Japan. Despite limited variant testing and even more limited release of the results ( Remember the Olympics) now an the they let some information slip and the numbers are rapidly increasing. There is only one way they got in.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

Oh okay. We're still pretending that most infections come from the outside. Got it.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

Every time there is any criticism from outside the Japan, the government and the J mainstream media automatically let loose more restrictions on foreigners......without addressing the elephant in the room--the fact that the spread is due to Japanese and inaction by the Japanese government. If the government can do saliva tests quickly and comprehensively of foreigners at airports, they are certainly in a position to do so in Tokyo and elsewhere. Criminals!

9 ( +11 / -2 )

When can I leave this country and visit my family, without reentry restrictions? I’m so tired of this crap. And IMO, Tokyo was the worst place in Japan to the Olympics.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers

Ironic, since they have no rules or plans to vaxx the public in Japan.

9 ( +9 / -0 )

No excuses period. Take correct action.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

How about tightening on the locals, like the oyaji still milling about coughing and spitting everywhere.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Since there is no yet a certitude that being vaccinated makes you safe to the others, you may still be carrying the virus for the authorities ruled by their "0 infection Health State" paradigm...if vaccinated people were expected to be treated differently and having a free pass to fly everywhere they will be quite disappointed.

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It is no surprise that 20-year-olds are driving COVID cases in Japan. It's the same in the U.S. - it's a mentality. What I do find concerning is that we are facing COVID fatigue with fewer and fewer young / older JP people not wearing masks outside...smoking on the streets (at least in my town in Saitama). You would need a mentality shift, but at this point, that's hard to come by. We are all tired and frustrated.

Going forward: Japan has every mutant strain known and I wish they would have just barred entry from everywhere like New Zealand / Australia and focused on an elimination strategy. The case counts were low enough to do so but it takes a sustained effort, but at this point, I think it would have been worth it.

We could have been living a semblance of normal like New Zealand by now, but stubbornness rules here.

What will make things better? Getting vaccines out is the biggest issue. Lack of supply, lack of people to give them, lack of syringes...the one thing that can for the most part solve the COVID problem and they are failing at basic policy and implementation. As of yesterday, only 15 percent of medical staff have been vaccinated so far in 3 months. They said we'll have supplied by September, but at the current rate, it will still be the elderly being vaccinated until next year in a best-case scenario.

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I think that I would want to take a test when comming OUT of Japan, not comming in haha!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Got a Q???, what will Japan do comes July?

Home mutating Vires is humming out of control in major cities, and Japan still somehow thinks its coming from abroad!!!

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THIS IS HILLARIOUS!! Japan on Monday tightened its rules on coronavirus test certificates needed to be submitted by all passengers upon arrival at Japanese airports, with those failing to meet required conditions to be denied entry into the country in principle. IF this is the case the government should test all the people in Osaka who travel from prefectures or city to city. Its not the people arriving in to the country with the virus. Its the Japanese people ALREADY there spreading it among themselves. Quarantine that city!!!

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This is likely illegal, or a misrepresentation of the article of the actual change, as you cannot prohibit the entrance of Nationals into the country, which was one of the main reasons why that caveat existed in the first place.

It is also weird how they are taking more and more extreme measures in the border, when the border has been virtually closed for most people for more than a year now.

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What about the roll out of Comnon Pass (Vaccine Passport)? Hope they will lift the two weeks quarantine and non-public transportation rule for those who are being vaccinated arriving into Japan

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Japan has done very little to "flatten the curve"; in fact, Japan's curve has been getting exponentially steeper. Travelers to Japan face as great a risk or even greater than staying at home. Countries that are serious about stopping the pandemic would be well advised to forego traveling to Japan.

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