Japan to ask travelers from Europe to self-quarantine for 14 days


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Japan has decided to ask all travelers from about 30 European countries, including Britain, France and Germany, to self-quarantine for 14 days in response to a surge in coronavirus cases there, a source with knowledge of the matter said.

Here we go again! "Asking"..... Should do it like Singapore! Enforce it! Dont ask, DEMAND!

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It's for new arrivals and meant to "politely" discourage unnecessary travel from affected areas in Europe into Japan.

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Just ban entry from all COUNTRIES. Problem solve.

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expat - Is this new arrivals, or thos already in country? Where in Japan are they expected to "self-quarantine", and how are they supposed to get there without interacting with anyone who might get infected? How are they to feed themselves? What do they do if they show symptoms of the coronavirus?

do ya all a favor and read up on what self-isolation actually means.

The Japanese government has made a huge mistake calling it self-quarantine because it is not quarantine. It is a precautionary measure to minimize the amount of contact with other people. There is also self-distancing which is avoiding contact with people and attempting to stay 1-1.5m apart.

it is the idiot sheeple of the world who are creating the panic. All you have to do is wash your hands and avoid crowds. If everyone was to follow these simple guidelines the virus would disappear.

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Who is coming from Europe. Most countries are on lockdown and there are few flights.

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Foreign nationals who have been to any of the places within 14 days of arriving in Japan would be turned away, the sources said.

This is not only for foreign nationals.

All travellers coming back from affected countries in Europe, including Japanese citizens, will be asked to self quarantine.

It was clear in the Japanese press

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@Luddite - Loads are extrememly low, but there were flights in the air today from all the big European Carriers to Haneda, Air France to land at Haneda in an hour, as usual. As of yesterday ANA's only concession was to cut back to one flight to Frankfurt a day rather than two a few days this month.

This will probbaly change again now - but looking at the strength of the Yen aganst both the Euro and Sterling I suspect the airlines will stuff themselves full of cargo inbound and try to maintain some revenues that way.

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Just as a thought exercise, let's say I have PR, own a house here in Japan, my spouse and children are all Japanese citizens, my company is here (which I own), and I have been a loyal taxpayer and contributor to the economy for 15 years. Does this mean I could be turned away at the border if I have visited the certain areas in Italy/Spain? Forced to fend for myself in the world without access to my home and job?

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i recall reading that if it possible to prove that one is resident in Japan then there is not a problem.

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"it has been hit hard by a cluster of cases"

Cluster this, cluster that. How stupid do you think people are. Since 1-2 weeks ago I only read about clusters.

If people are refused already in nagoya because of no beds this will become a scandal. I dont get what they are trying to do. Even china couldn't contain the videos being shared online. Videos of Churches full of Coffins in Italy.

All you have to do is wash your hands and avoid crowds. 

 If everyone was to follow these simple guidelines the virus would disappear.

Thats not true. Sars also spread by infecting though the eyes. Couple of news were people who wore full on hazard suits and should have followed a decontainment protocol got sick.

You can argue that young people will die less (still spreading it), but looking at italy its still many people young people as well.

The saddest part is that people needed to be told forcefully what to do. Didn't matter which country, people needed the government to stop them from going out.

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Foreign nationals who have been to any of the places within 14 days of arriving in Japan would be turned away, the sources said.


Yes, but I would still be a foreign national, no?

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Sorry, I meant @Tokyo-M

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How much you want to bet this won't apply to Olympic athletes, especially if it's just before the Games, assuming they go on?

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@smith. Your comment is totally hypothetical nonsense. Look, I am pretty sure that the Games will be postponed at some point and should be, but lets not be anti-Japan in these difficult times for the sake of it, eh?

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Everyone is doing the same thing. It is prudent measure. Germany just close the boarder. Most of the recent cases in Japan are imported., so it makes sense.

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They keep saying that they're doing their utmost to prevent the virus from entering and spreading, if this is the way they think to do it then Japan is doomed. People don't self quarantine unless you make them, don't they get it. We've heard dozens of times people going out and ignoring these requests. Make them do it or threaten not to provide them medical care if they don't listen. That will make people listen

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Do I think a quarantine is a good idea? Yes. I have thought so ever since they let the people back from the first Wuhan evacuation flight walk straight from the plane to the Tokyo subway and home, but it should apply to ALL in ALL situations, and should be enforced.

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Meanwhile, SF & NYC have shut down, the EU is closing it’s bord and I’m on the Yamanote line and it’s packed.

2 meters? I’d like 2 cm. When the virus takes hold here, when, not if, the carnage will be a thing to behold.

The Abe see nothing say nothing do nothing “administration’s” incompetence and lack of leadership are truly stunning.

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Also, and I meant to add, sorry, that tourists should be told well in advance Japan is asking tourists to quarantine for two weeks so that they have the option of cancelling, since I doubt they are going to pay for the places to quarantine.

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If you get quarantined on arrival in Japan, it will be out of pocket.

¥60,000 if I remember correctly

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"In addition, the Japanese government is considering an entry ban on foreign travelers from Iceland and some parts of Italy, Spain and Switzerland, government sources said earlier in the day."

Hey Abe, how did ban "some parts of China" work out for you?

Urge, plead, beg, request...what else? Maybe form a government panel to discuss this and have a public announcement 1 week from today?


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unbelievable ...

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WHAT ???. the abe cabinet cannot be serious.

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@ Yubaru

Spot on! They continue this pussyfooting: nobody in the Japanese government including PM Abe and (of course) the bureaucrats have the balls to take responsibility for any action. They ask and when things go wrong, they'll say 'but we asked". They haven't got a clue and their only motivation is to try and save "their Olympics". Tough luck mate, it will be cancelled/postponed

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Can you see this? Hello European travelers. Won't you please quarantine yourselves for 2 weeks? You can still have a few hours to see Japan. If you survive.

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Do Japan have any people in the government with commonsense

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Stay away now but very welcome in July?

what a year of uncertainties.

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where do they expect those travelers to quarantine exactly

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I'm from the UK and my mother is 80 next month, but we won't be going. I had dates and flights lined up for either side of Golden Week but it's all off. I stopped hoping about three weeks ago. I work from home, so a self-imposed quarantine wouldn't actually affect me (it would affect my kids), but the message is basically it's irresponsible to go so don't do it.

Like other posters, I think this should just be a ban. Japan Today itself had a poll only about a week or ten days ago asking whether people should come to Japan because tourist sites will be quiet. At that time even, it looked highly likely that travel restrictions and bans would come into force. At times like this when we need collective action for the common good, you cannot create a situation where people avoiding recommendations and restrictions come out as "winners". I can guarantee that there will be some British people who would come to Japan, completely ignore any quarantine, and then swan about thinking they were clever for having Kiyomizudera and normally unbookable restaurants to themselves. That kind of me-me selfish person sadly exists in abundance. In Britain at least, if not other countries.

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Is it right that the novel coronavirus called “Boomer Remover” in Europe?

If so, it’s very sad.

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And no whining or bellyaching from European governments.

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If they made it a requirement, or just outright banned flights from wherever, that would all but doom the Olympics from being held here.

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My wife and I booked a trip to the summer games almost one year ago. We are already out of pocket $30,000 for our airfare, accommodations, and event tickets. We also purchased travel insurance but like most visitors, are waiting to see what happens. If the games are postponed or canceled for this year we will make the best of it. I will be suprised if the games are held on time. In any event I would rather lose money than end up dead :)

The American Dude.

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Will this policy continue into July ?

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@Yubaru yep I couldn’t agree with you more about the fact that it should be legally enforced, not “asked of travelers” to self quarantine. And I get the fact that the Japanese are a very polite society, and I have praised them for it on many accounts. But come on, this is a pandemic we’re talking about here.

They can still be quite polite in announcing the policy, but be tough with the policy, and make it mandatory to be self quarantined for 14 days if you’re coming from abroad.

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abe had gone mad.

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Abe also said visas already issued to people from those countries will be invalidated from Saturday to the end of April.

If a resident was to return from Europe on a 5 year child of a Japanese national visa will they be turned away?

Also what about tourist visas?

If visas are invalidated isn't it basically refusing entry to everyone apart from Japanese nationals?

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