Japan to begin COVID vaccinations for foreign embassy officials on Monday


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But the diplomats have been vaccinated A long time ago as they are much above us mere humans. There is a special section at the ministry of foreign affairs that took care of that. And the diplomats families. And all of them quietly accepted it.

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It seems to me foreign embassy officials from poor countries would be vaccinated in Japan.

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And my 80 year old in laws who have paid taxes in this country their entire working life will get their first shot in July.

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everything here is for Olympics - scant regard to general population who pay taxes and salaries for so called leaders whose first priority SHOULD be to look after interests of general population....

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10 per embassy. Omotenashi nashi.

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Sounds good, sounds great. Now where's my vaccine coupon, or whatever it's called?

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@shogun36 Now where's my vaccine coupon, or whatever it's called?

This is also something I don't understand. Why are coupons not send to everyone at once? You still need to register for an appointment so it's not like I would skip the line.

And at the same time there are stories every day where they say not all spots are filled. This is mind boggling. Governments and administration in Japan are really broken, they have no common sense.

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It takes over six weeks for vaccines to be effective against old variants. Abacuses or fax machines?

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It takes over six weeks for vaccines to be effective against old variants.

And about three months to find a new virus variant....

It is better to strive to achieve higher natural immunity.

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10 per embassy means most of the drones working there will still be out in the cold. I know my embassy did vaccines for its staff a month ago, depending on contract type, but I imagine poorer countries probably have much smaller staffs so maybe 10 will cover most of their staff. Anyway, it strikes me as unbelievably ketchi not to offer vaccine to either all or none. But of course this is only so Olympics, so they don't care about the drones.

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