Gov't expands COVID quasi-state of emergency to 8 more prefectures


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Japan on Thursday decided to expand its COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency to eight more prefectures, with a ban on alcohol service in principle, 

Why do they even do this - just to show the population that they are doing something?

What does focusing and punishing the alcohol serving establishments - that too "In Principle" going to do different???

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Suga, your state of emergency is just working so flawlessly here in Tokyo!! What a brilliant idea to extend it to the rest of Japan. I am sure that will bring the number of cases down to zero in no time. Do not mind the fact that most restaurants are packed full with no social distancing. That is not the problem. It is that damn alcohol!!

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In many areas around the country, we are seeing a rapid increase (of virus cases) at an unprecedented speed," Yasutoshi Nishimura, minister in charge of Japan's coronavirus response, said at a meeting of experts.

Yeah, thanks for letting the experts know...nobody knew that without your input. Nishimura is as hopeless as Suga..the cabinet should be resigning en mass for their incompetence over the last 18 months.

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Japan on Thursday decided to expand its COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency to eight more prefectures, with a ban on alcohol service in principle

The lazy LDP, whose main concern is maintaining the Japan Inc. status quo, may have have to realize that making performative gestures of doing something to address a crisis may not be enough in this case.

If they get their reckoning there will probably be much feeling of schadenfreude.

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J-gov: young people (i.e. underage) are causing the outbreak

Also J-gov: let's stop serving alcohol (which they already can't drink).

What we need is proper testing (not just 10k a day in Tokyo for instance),proper enforced rules for quarantines, more beds in hospital, more vaccines.

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Vaccinations are moving quiclkly and most people ain’t ant- vaxxers,so hang in there folks all under control. Could be worse could in Australia.

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Only 31% of Japanese people have gotten two shots. Disgraceful.

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Gov't expands COVID quasi-state of emergency to 8 more prefectures

Quasi-Gov't expands COVID quasi-state of emergency to 8 more prefectures

Fixed it.

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Vaccinations are moving quiclkly

I'd like to see you demonstrate that so I can get my first shot. Thanks in advance.

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Quasi didn’t work in Tokyo or Osaka

SOE didn’t work in Tokyo or Osaka

What should we do about the other prefectures with spikes in cases?

hmmmmm, I know……let’s do a Quasi measure!!

Get ready for it…….hahahahaa

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Just got my first dose 3 hours ago and my body is certainly reacting to it. I think tomorrow is a sofa and Xbox day. At least I know it's working...or is it quasi-working?

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Ah, the old "In principle"...meaning there really isn't a rule if you are connected, but the rule is strict and inviolable if not.

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Alcohol rule aside.

Instead of packing more people into spaces in a shorter time window, how about requesting business owners to extend their hours. and requesting limit capacity to 50%?

Win for society, win for the business, win for the consumer, aids in social distancing while reducing the mad dash after work to jump in the sardine can of a restaurant for a bite or pick up food b4 you go home.

You could apply this concept in many industry.

I can’t wrap my head around how you are trying to slow the spread when your current measures (recent stats over the last month) actually promote the spread.

Quit attempting the same thing the same exact way over and over again while expecting different results. It’s obviously not working. - This is the single most frustrating thing about living in Japan.

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Let's continue to do exactly the same garbage, that has not worked yet.

Maybe things will change the fifth time around..........(or however many times this has happened.)

Can these completely inept and ignorant morons come up with a plan that might actually work for once?

If they can't get people who CAN get the job done already.

Eliminate the real cancer.

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