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Japan to give 6 mil doses of vaccines to Taiwan, 5 Southeast Asian nations


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Why not offer some of these vaccines to anyone in Japan without the need for this stupid voucher which I still haven't received.

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 "...which should help Japan to increase its diplomatic influence in Asia."

That's priority No. 1 -- the power and prestige of the Japanese state and its elite stakeholders. The rest of us here can just die for all they care.

15 ( +17 / -2 )

That will take about 10 to 20 years to do.

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Didn't they say yesterday they will stop the reservations for worplace vaccinations because there are no more vaccines???

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Didn't any of you read the post properly? Japan is just taking a small chunk out of the 120mill doses of Astra we have. This is not even the total amount of vaccines we have had ordered which include moderna and pfizer and other types. Nor is anyone taking into account the amount of vaccine we are also currently producing. Is not like we can let the 120mill vaccine expired anyway if it's not use soon.

So stop get worried every time the government decide to donate some vaccine. The main point is that most of the nation population does not want AstraZeneca but instead want Pfizer. So if other countries desperately is asking for some vaccines, then is only natural we ship out some extra Astra vaccine.

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This becomes necessary because of the retrograde anti-scientific position of the Japanese government of blocking a vaccine that can be used without increasing importantly the risk of problems in people or certain ages. It becomes then necessary to choose between letting anybody else use it or let it spoil away without anybody getting it.

The Japanese government should abandon its excessively cautious approach that is only causing deaths that could have been prevented, but at least much smarter countries that are struggling for lack of vaccine will get them on time to save lives.

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Why don’t they use the AZ vaccines?

5 ( +5 / -0 )

The AstraZenica vaccine is useless at this point. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Japanese Government:

hey! We don’t have enough vaccines for the public. Stop the distribution!


uhhh, ok.

Japanese Government:

and give these 10 million doses to

other Asian countries.


uhhh, I thought you said we didn’t have enough for the public.

Japanese Government:

Don't you ever use logic in this country, do you understand!!!?!??


uhh, ok.

Japanese Government:

I’d fire you, but then I’d have to do actual work. Or worse, take the blame for something I messed up.

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Nice ploy…get rid of (oops, I mean donate) AstraZeneca vaccines that no first world country really wants and do it in a way that makes Japan look good.

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For the National Interest, not their nationals' interests. Politics and diplomacy for hundreds of years.

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Nice ploy…get rid of (oops, I mean donate) AstraZeneca vaccines that no first world country really wants and do it in a way that makes Japan look good.

Australia, UK, South Korea etc. all are using AZ vaccines. Well, the royal family in UK has been vaccinated with AZ vaccines. What's your problem again?

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Dear Suga-san,

Could you please make sure my senior-aged mom in Ariake gets one, before you send them to other countries?

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Japan is drawing on 120 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine it has reserved, as it has no immediate plans to use the shots at home amid lingering concern over international reports of blood clots.

The government of Japan is not serious about the welfare of its people-making decisions under false pretenses is never a useful policy

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Got my voucher, but there are clinics already vaccinating without tickets. If you pay now, you can get reimbursed for the vaccine when your ticket arrives.

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Don't know anyone who took AZ that enjoyed their 2-3 days of side effects. Good riddance to them.

Though I do feel bad for the people of Taiwan getting stuck with them, that's hardly a second or third world country. Shame their leaders didn't proactively hedge and order a variety in advance like Japan and other first world countries.

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