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Japan to redesign banknotes in 2024


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Ugly design. Japan should move into the 21st century and use plastic notes like in Australia. This will be a massive problem for people traveling overseas with these new notes. Even now I sometimes have difficulty changing money because money changers don’t know what a real Japanese note looks like.

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These look like they were designed 100 years ago, you think Japan would be the future of money not the opposite.

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Like the new designs. Suitably Retro and traditional. Agree that they should be of the same material that Australia, Singapore and the Uk are now using purely from an enviromental standpoint.

Where on earth have you have trouble changing Yen @goodlucktoyou? There are only three notes (lets forget about the 2000 yen note) and they haven't changed in 15 years! Never had a problem changing Yen anywhere.

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But, they will still be made out if paper. The modern PET plastic notes last much longer. A paper ¥1,000 note has a circulation life of one year. Whereas, a PET plastic $10 (AUD) note has a circulation life of five years plus.

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I just wish they were a little shorter to better fit in my wallet.

17 ( +18 / -1 )

Wisteria? ,stylised waves (they're reproduced everywhere ), Tokyo Station? Although to be fair none of it's going into anyone's wallets for any great length of time. Was going to suggest the Emperors faces but realise that's a can of worms. Plus printers would again have caniptions.

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Yeah they don't look bad, and good choice for front side people and back side images. Although I think plastic notes would have been better

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material that Australia, Singapore and the Uk are now using purely from an enviromental standpoint

How in the world would using plastic be on a environmental stand point?

Haven't you read about all the concerns of micro plastics polluting the ocean?

5 ( +12 / -7 )


Its a Polymer. Quote from the BOE:

"Polymer banknotes last longer, so they are more environmentally friendly than paper banknotes. The waste from old polymer banknotes is turned into pellets before being transformed into new plastic items, such as plant pots."

Seems better to me.

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Polymer is plastic.

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Not disputing that fact. What I will dispute is that money is not 'thrown away' like Garbage and can therefore be recycled by Central Banks in a very efficient and responsible manner.

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What I will dispute is that money is not 'thrown away' like Garbage and can therefore be recycled by Central Banks in a very efficient and responsible manner.

No since the ink will be mixed into the melted plastic which darken the color so they can not reuse the pellets in creating new bills resulting to always using virgin resin each time.

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Of note is that this is a post-2020 plan! Virtually everything nowadays is centred around 2020, the Tokyo Olympics; leaving people wondering what is going to happen after 2020, beside the Osaka expo in 2025,

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Sakura would have been better than wisteria. But, just use the wisteria bill to enjoy your hanami and it's all good.

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At no point do the RBA or the BOE state that the notes will be recycled into new notes. They clearly state that they will be recycled and used in new plastic products such as 'plant pots, compost bins and other household products' , which if you'd actually read my post, you may not have been so hasty in your reply. Polymer banknotes have proved to be extremely popular, cost saving AND very recyclable elsewhere in the world. What would your positive argument be to retain paper banknotes? I'm assuming you would prefer to returning to a system of bartering goods.

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 will be recycled and used in new plastic products such as 'plant pots, compost bins and other household products'

Which will eventually end up in the garbage bin.

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And your positives about retaining paper is.....? Very tiresome and assume you are just being difficult for the sake of it.

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I like the back of the new 10,000 yen note way better than what we got now with that weird mythological rooster.

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The old notes will be collected during a 3 month period and new notes issued. After that, the exchange rate from old to new will become progressively worse.

Send your old notes to me in advance of the new system to insure you get your new notes in a timely manner. My address is ...

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Shibusawa Eiichi is a good choice. I read his book on Confucius.

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The Hokusai wave design is cool. Otherwise they're nothing special but no doubt we'll get used to them.

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How about a bit of color? Their designs are extremely drab.

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You can play vinyl records with Aussie polymer notes

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I just wish I had more of it...

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Taxes going up and new bills, does anybody else think seigniorage?

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Shouldn't there be a ¥800 yen note for paying the 60% of the workers on minimum wage?

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Think of all the 10,000's in people matresses that will need to get "changed" before the updated note replace the current ones. I remember when the 50 pound note changed years back in London. buy a car week day sell it the next "cash only".

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Great designs!

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We need 500yen notes back, and some 50,000yen notes, too please.

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Yakuza coutlnterfeit notes have been circulating a lot lately actually. Hence the change in design for security.

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No ¥2,000 note. I haven't seen one of those for years.

I received one from my bank before one of my trips to Japan. I took it out to pay for something and my friend refused to let me spend it... I still have it.

I'm glad they're retaining the traditional look.

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Wave design is overrated.

There should be design of less known hidden spots from some parts of Japan.

And waterproof.

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I loathe those plastic notes. If you do not have good movement in your fingers you are prone to drop them.

As for these new designs, why not put the Emperor on them?

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Please get rid of the ¥1 coins - nothing worse than a purse or pocket full of these.

australia got rid of the 1c & 2c coins years ago - best decision ever.

when the consumer tax increases to 10% would be the perfect time

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I remember the last time they changed the notes. Within 24 hours there was not a single old note to be seen anywhere, it was pretty impressive.

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Money Supply Weasel. Well used economic indicator - So yes it will have a brief positive effect.

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To be honest, the designs look alright, they have good and bad attributes. First of all it looks very unfinished and early in the prototype stages, the people look like they were terribly photoshopped onto the notes. Next, change the man on the 10000 note, he looks brain dead and utterly expressionless, which is not a good thing for such an already emotionless country. Change it to someone with more emotion, someone of greater significance to Japan, someone with no debatable controversial actions, someone with honor, pride and self confidence, things every Japanese man these days lack. I think the great wave off kanagawa is a great addition thought, finally we will be able to see this Japanese Mona Lisa be on something as significant as money. However wisteria really needs to be changed to Sakura, I don't know what the designers were going with that one.

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Strange but i got a wod of them when i was in the UK when i was asked what denomination i wanted... crisp new 2000Yen note.

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