Japan to ship 1 million COVID-19 vaccines to Vietnam


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That’s very nice of you Japan. Any idea when I can have one of the millions of vaccines your giving to everyone else?

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Economics people... economics!

Vietnam is a sleeping giant, that’s why.

Just wait and see... then understand why all this “kindness” from J Gov.

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Is all business and good PR moves.

The Vietnamese are fiercely independent, and are not swayed by other countries’ "PR." Ask the Chinese and the Soviets who poured massive amounts of weapons and assistance to the country during and after the war, after which the Vietnamese told them to get lost.

The Japanese are the latest. Today, they give more assistance to VN than anyone, and what happens? The most popular products and music in Vietnam are South Korean. LOL.

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Japan has pledged $1 billion and 30 million doses to the COVAX facility that provides vaccines to needy countries.

But not to needy Japanese tax payers. Still waiting for my first dose Japan, still waiting.

Japan has contracted to buy 120 million doses of AstraZeneca's vaccine, which it approved last month. But there are no immediate plans to use it at home.

Good move Japan, as usual. Always not planning ahead.

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It seems to me Japan should bring the percentage of its population who are vaccinated up before it starts gifting vaccines to other countries.

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This is beyond incompetent. Domestic vac is lowest among natioons and Suga and his band of muppets are throwing 1 million doses out. This after tossing Taiwan doses. What a bunch of pillocks.

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Japan probably have more than enough trained people able to give shots, if given clearance to do so,dentists, pharmacists, medics and the like.

But limiting factor will still be the number of doctors who will supervise

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This is beyond incompetent. Domestic vac is lowest among natioons and Suga and his band of muppets are throwing 1 million doses out.

Japan is not struggling because of lack of doses, it has enough vaccine to vaccinate much more people than what is doing right now, what is keeping things slow is an overly complicated system and not letting a lot of people that can safely deliver the vaccines help. A few certified nurses going to Vietnam would slow down more the vaccination efforts in Japan than giving one million vaccines that are not even allowed to be used in the country.

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Japan is giving out astrazeneca vacs, produces here but currently not being used for domestic vaccinations.

Japan has no problems with supplies now

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So does this situation imply that we have a surplus of vaccines to donate to foreign countries?

Or do we just want to get rid of the "bad" vaccines and keep only the "good" ones?

If there is a surplus of vaccines, then I don't understand why they don't just start vaccinating the next age group and instead wait until the current age group is done getting vaccinated. Look at the photos, the half-empty vaccination sites and the oversized number of support staff.

If I were to go to the extreme (it's bollocks, I know), training support staff in vaccinations would be a matter of days, a week or two at most. How to administer an injection or do a blood draw is taught in first year of medical school right from the start. In the army we were even all taught this stuff, being told this was the bare minimum, although none of us were medics.

But, do not tell me that we do not have enough people who can apply the shot.

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Have the gullible a have it

That's the problem, the gullible don't wanna have it. Somehow they've been convinced by conspiracy theorists that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease that have killed millions already.

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Woah! We haven't even received vaccinations here. Finish your work before trying to help others.

It's kind of like a seat belt on the plane. You set your own seat belt before you assist the person next to you.

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Pure PR, at the expense of their own citizens who have seen far more deaths in their own country.

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Let me see what's wrong with this story. Oh right, my 75 year old Mother in-law living in Japan doesn't get her "first " covid shot until July 17th!

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Is all business and good PR moves. Japan produce most of the donated vaccine inside the nation and give the ones they can spare. Hoarding a lot would not help anyway considered these vaccines has expired dates. And is a good pr move because one day if Japan ever need help, is only normal for the ones who had receive aids to come to Japan aid. Like during the 2011 earthquake Taiwan was the biggest donator instead of the US. It will also bring the people closer. Taiwan and Vietnam had once suffer occupation from Japan but in the last few decades relationship have been improve a lot.

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Rich countries are trying to dump their stocks of this drug on poor countries as it is dangerous and ineffective against new variants.

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Vietnam is a country that sent a large amount of donations to Japan at the time of the earthquake.

This time, Japan should help.

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Vietnam is a sleeping giant

Undoubtedly, it is one of the Asian countries with the highest growth, in addition to have the great pride of having defeated the "home of the brave" in 1973..


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