Japan to take part in drill with U.S. carriers near Korean peninsula


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Here we go.

Provoke Kim into attacking a ship, then, innocent victim status achieved, Trump gets to act the avenging warrior, wraps himself up in the flag and it's everybody's patriotic duty to forget the Mueller investigation.

Abe gets carte blanche to scrap Article 9 and it's full steam ahead to the arms contract bonanza.

A lot of ordinary people might die, but let's face it, pockets at the top table aren't going to stuff themselves, are they?

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Actually here's what very well might happen if things get outa hand even more.

Kim keeps provoking by firing even more deadly nukes all over the place, Trump sooner or later loses it and orders US forces to attack NK South Korea and Japan are history !

This writer has Japanese family including grandchildren and of course hopes it never happens but it MIGHT and sooner than the Japanese and South Koreans imagine !

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My sons are actively in the US navy and air forces and tell me that this is not just a show of force. We are ready to launch an attack on the NK regime because we would not have three carrier groups in position other than to attack the North Korean regime right now. End of story. Lock and load! Good bye rocket man.

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Ah nothing quite like rattling the sabre! 3  Seems that this is simply a way to provoke and action the consequence.

To Quote Churchill in 1915 before the Lusitania Disaster: 

For our part we want the traffic -- the more the better; and if some of it gets into trouble, better still.

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Japan on Sunday will send one of its two big helicopter carriers, the largest warship in its fleet, along with two escorts to join three U.S. aircraft carriers for exercises

Why is Japan only exercising one helicopter carrier? If it is a beneficial training exercise wouldn't the other also gain from it?

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They are provoking.. Anyone with some education would easily find out what's going on there but they won't say anything because it's against their interest.

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Provocation. War-mongering. Driven by money, fear, ignorance and ego.

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I'd say firing ICBMs over other countries is more provocative than drills in the ocean. Kim hasn't launched anything for more than a month so one wonders if he has been told to back off. Three aircraft carriers in the same area is a massive show of force.

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I do hope the DPRK send some carriers off to the US West Coast, in the interests of parity.

China will never allow an attack on North Korea so all this schoolboy posturing is futile.

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Of course this is not a provocation, right? It's only provocation if North Korea does it.

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Hawkeye: "End of story. Lock and load! Good bye rocket man."

For a guy whose kids are supposedly in the service, you sure seem pretty gung-ho about a needless bloodbath.

Ilovecoffee: "Of course this is not a provocation, right? It's only provocation if North Korea does it."


Toasted Heretic: " do hope the DPRK send some carriers off to the US West Coast, in the interests of parity."

Exactly, or maybe just a little closer to home, like in international waters off Japan. Of course, then it would be "an attack!"

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NK has been continuing their nuclear and missile development for decades, in complete disregard for UN resolutions prohibiting them from doing so. We have tried to negotiate with them but they continue. Now they refuse to even consider any discussion involving these programs. They have repeatedly fired ballistic missiles over Japan. They flood their domestic media with hate for the United States and openly talk of "nuking" U.S. cities. All this unilaterally on NK's side with no "provocation" from the US.

So now we take the prudent action of placing military assets in place so that NK can see that repeatedly talking about "nuking" someone has consequences. And they should not carry through with their belligerent threats.

How does this translate into a US "provocation"?

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The President of the US has threatened to "totally destroy" the DPRK. The US continues its drills in the region, ratcheting up the tensions. It continues to develop nuclear weapons and wields them like swords of Damocles. All the while disallowing other countries (bar select chums) from developing them. The domestic US media constantly bombards its civilians with fear mongering stories of North Korea. The USA's heart was never in negotiations; otherwise it would have happened by now.

If a war should break out (and I really hope not) it won't just be the DPRK who will be responsible.

Up until now; the only country to use nuclear weapons on people has been the USA.

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Toasted Heretic

Nov. 11 11:15 pm JST

The President of the US has threatened to "totally destroy" the DPRK.

No you are taking parts out of context.

The President of the US has threatened to "totally destroy" the DPRK IF THEY ATTACK THE UNITED STATES OR IT'S ALLIES. IF DPRK never attacks anyone the US will not either.

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I believe that the suffering of north koreans must end someday

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