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Japanese mourn Abe a day after his death; campaigning continues

By Satoshi Sugiyama and Tim Kelly

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Wonder if Japan has the phenomenon of sympathy wave.

If yes, LDP-Komeito should win more seats than anticipated.

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Sad loss. Life is a precious gift. Respectful farewell to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Strength and courage to all his loved ones.

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Photos of people crying. Made up sadness

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The poor guy was out campaigning, with plans for the day and days ahead and instead of making it home safely to his wife, a disgruntled man took his life in a moment of violence.

Nobody should face such a senseless end to life. Wars are wrong, senseless and cruel as is murder of any kind. Why I sympathize with Japan at this time and why I sympathize with Ukraine. Killing should not happen in a wise and civilized world.

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campaigning continues

But of course it does.

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"Wonder if Japan has the phenomenon of sympathy wave."

No need to wonder, it happened during the double election (for both houses of the Diet) held on 22 June 1980. Incumbent LDP prime minister Ohira Masayoshi died of natural causes at age 70 just 10 days before election day. LDP gained a significant number of seats in both the upper and lower houses. Ohira's death played a role in causing that to happen.

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Of course campaigning will continue, politicians will never let a tragedy go to waste. People may become more receptive to things they have rejected in the past (like the reform to the constitution) so this is in a way a chance for some.

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Before Abe term, Japan has changed many PMs like changing clothes. He was the longest serving PM of postwar era. His hawkish stand made some friction with nearby neighbours.

However Brasil, India and Australia are paying respect to him too. Brasil has announced 3 days mourning after Abe passing. India has made July 9 as national mourning. UN security council stood up for one minute silence for honouring him.

Joe Biden signed condolence book in Japanese embassy. White hose flag has been lowered to half for honouring him.

Landmarks of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide from Australia will light as red and white of Japanese flag for paying respect to late Abe.

While nationalist of 50 cents army celebrating and bashing his reputation on line. he was still influencing Geo politics affair after passing.

Body can be killed. Soul and legacy are not.

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Abe was neither Buddhist or Shinto

He was a member of the unification church who's south Korean leader claims to be the messiah .

A radical extremist religious Christian group.

Reasonable to assume a large portion of the Japanese public were not aware of Abe's involvement with the Moonies being that most Japanese aren't Christian !

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Politicians will never let a tragedy go to waste

That's truly accurate !

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Abe was not a legend or God. He was ordinary human with some flaws. He was far right in the political term. No one is perfect. All politicians exaggerated their minor contributions. People advanced their society. Politicians

However he was still acceptable for freedom loving people. Comparing with tyrants who oppressed and murdered own people.

Respect paying foreign nationals are not Abe fan. They do not accept Abenomics will work. It does not mean Abe is totally out of touch with the realty. Today Japan can become Tomorrow Ukraine with outdated pacifist constitution.

The biggest mistake of Ukraine was surrendering nuclear arsenal and signing the Minsk treaty. According Abe, Japan needed nuclear arsenals unlike Ukraine which has been cheated by dishonorable neighbour. New PM will follow Abe legacy for revising constitution for becoming more active in own defence.

Celebrating and bashing someone who was just assisted was the lowest of low. 50 cents online trolls like unwanted parasite. They are micro organism which have no power for staying alive as living creatures.

History has showed that freedom of speech and struggle as tyrants have never been erased. Japan has been liberated from mediaeval warlords in 19th century. After WWII, Japan has been liberated from nationalist extreme far right racists.

Nothing last forever including dictatorship and online nationalist trolls.

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People advanced their society. Not politicians.

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Japan isn't Ukraine incase you haven't already noticed.

Japan has a treaty alliance protection agreement with the USA military that has a nuclear arsenal.

Japan tried to erase its own war history.

And thats a well known fact

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@kyo was heiwa Dahl be

Phillipines is not Ukraine. It has security treaty with Uncle Sam. Back in 2014, Obama encouraged peaceful settlement with beloved giant neighbour for territory dispute. Both nations agreed to withdraw the troops from disputed territory. One nation lied and went back to that island. Phillipines is second Ukraine which has lost Crimea. Fishermen have can no longer do fishing near by water. US is not fighting for lost territory of Phillipines.

PRC has been already digging near disputed Senkaku or Daioyi for mining exploration. If Japan has some nukes, the mining exploration will be not so progressive like now. In theory, it is still Japanese territory. Reality is not.

Putting all eggs in the one basket is waiting for becoming second Ukraine. Wise man late Abe predicted weaker and smaller nations need the deterrence. In term of population, Japanese population is just the fraction of giant neighbour. Ukraine and Japan have similarities with Ukraine such as demographic and relying super power for security.

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