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Japanese woman turns 117, extending record as world's oldest person


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Alive since 1903... How the world has changed since then.

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I read this news in a neespaper of my country as well.

Congratulations to this old Lady.

For sure many Japanese of her generation live long due to their healthy food.

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Tanaka's record age is symbolic of Japan's fast-ageing population, which coupled with its falling birthrate is raising concerns about labour shortages and prospects for future economic growth.

What does this nonsense have to do with the story? Let it be a celebration of a long and prosperous life, the world she entered probably doesn't even resemble the world she lives in now and I'm sure the stories she can tell are fascinating.

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My grandmother was born in 1933 to a father born in 1886. Just thinking of him being a 17 year old young man when this alive lady was born brings tears to my eyes. I know it sounds stupid but that's what it makes me feel.

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Happy birthday Tanaka san. Many happy returns.

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I never understood why Japanese live so long. Most of the people I am involved with, live very unhealthy lives. They smoke like crazy drink stress each other out, over weight and do little to no exercise

Maybe its the genes or green tea? small portions of food?

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Congrats to this woman. I have two questions though, in regards to her being a microcosm of aging Japan. 1) What is her quality of life? 2) Are her children still alive? If not, it wouldn't really be symbolic of an aging Japan. A lot of Centenarians have seen their children buried, and I believe we're going to see Japan's average life span go down in the near future, not up, as the baby-boomers, who took on a diet their predecessors did not have and who worked near to death (some doing so) for their companies start getting diseases that were not previously in their family history.

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CarolingiumToday 08:42 am JSTAlive since 1903... How the world has changed since then.

My own grandmother would've been about that age last month. This lady could us tales and stories of wisdom we all could learn from. Happy birthday Tanaka san.

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She was already in the 3rd grade when the Titanic sank!

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A great advertisement for the Japanese diet, and the Japanese lifestye (lots of exercise, having hobbies, keeping active after retirement etc)

Why? There’s nothing in the article that suggests that she’s done any of these things.

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Happy Birthday!

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Amazing achievement. A great advertisement for the Japanese diet, and the Japanese lifestye (lots of exercise, having hobbies, keeping active after retirement etc)

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A very Happy Birthday to Kane Tanaka.

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I think most people would need care 24/7 @ that age!

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Congratulations Tanaka san. Personally dont want to squeeze out all those unproductive years and go through the end of life stuff.

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Yes, and I was visiting Japan myself early last month. So I can attest to the healthy eating habits of the Japanese. Plus, I’ve been into Japanese culture and stuff for like the past 20 years or so.

So yeah, happy birthday Tanaka-san and may you have many others to come!

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She has the same name as the guy in the Kung Fu TV show. Maybe she shares his Buddhist ideals and that's why she's lived so long.

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I would love to hear the stories she can tell from when she was growing up, it must be something worth hearing

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