Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch


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why they call it gift ? its called bribe

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Dont think anyone is surprised that Nuclear village ( or J-Inc generally) is riddled with corruption. But hey this is Japanese culture of " giving" so a few fake bows and mlushiwake gozaimasens will fix it.... worst possible outcome will be a golden parachute exit or two.....Now if there was a foreig executive involved on the other hand .....

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Bent nails are useless. Sealed bids for contract works on a fixed day and time. No knowledge before hand giving advantages over another company.

Fry the corruption.

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Is anyone surprised? This is going to be dragged out until everyone gets bored and gets distracted by something else... Or they find a foreigner to blame

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They'll be surprised at what they'll find if they keep digging. I'm sure these gift scandals have ties to companies all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Most likely these nefarious bribes have ties to people's within the current majority LDP government as well.

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Is it called gift scandal in developed countries and bribe scandal is underdeveloped nations?

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I AM not even surprised. I know some kyoto people for 25 years. this kind of actions for kyoto people is just like eating rice.

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Dinesh, nope, in most developed countries it would be called what it is, outright bribery. There would also be police investigations and prosecutions. I will not pre-judge what will happen in Japan but wait and see, with a modicum of cynicism!

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why they call it gift?


Bribes have such a bad meaning and would anger too many people over the fact that the company won't be prosecuted. If you call it gifts, then it doesn't sound as serious and the government can wash their hands clean of the situation.

Aalso, I'm pretty sure that this "gift" bribes are a fundamental part of the company culture and every branch takes part in it.

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Disgusting, This is a clear example of kickback and a serious crime for a company engaged in nuclear power.

It undermines public trust in nuclear energy. Safety could have been compromised. Consumers are burdened with higher bills by shouldering the cost of the expensive cost of contracts.

Where are the prosecutors?

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Gift scandal? It's called graft and kickbacks

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Kansai Electric concluded in a report of its internal probe released last Wednesday that the three former vice presidents did not breach internal rules and their behavior was not inappropriate.

Absolute joke and makes me sick!!

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a polite bow and all will be forgiven

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