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Koike to decide on fish market this week


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NNearlt a year to decide this??? This could have been a 2 hour meeting and sorted.

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Let's hope she stands by her guns and makes sure the site is toxin free and suitably safe to be a fresh produce market and doesn't just shuffle it through as her predecessors have done.

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"NNearlt a year to decide this???"

Ummm. Try 20 years!!! They have arguing and debating and deciding to move the market since 97 or 98!

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OK, so how will we tell whether this was a good decision or bad one ? And who will be around upon which we can lay the blame ? Not to mention, the new Conspiracy Law which will forbid anyone in future ever protesting about it.

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@mmwkdw:  good or bad, Japanese will ignore.  Only Tokyo residents' business..

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