Kumamoto marks 6th anniversary of deadly quakes


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Remember that night well - my wife and I had to pick our way through debris to a HS ground, me carrying my tariffed dog. Google what you need in a disaster and keep it all in one place, a bug-out bag. Fortunately, I'm a camper, so I already had my stuff in two large nylon bags, plus three tents. That said, aid was very quick to arrive.

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Glad they have these reminders as I completely forgot about this event.

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Rest In Peace to all those lost. Condolences their families.

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Family friends have since relocated to Kyoto but miss the climate, culture and local people.

As @Laguna suggests, they also strongly recommend always being prepared to evacuate and, if necessary, having to perhaps live out-of-doors for a few days. Bottle water always on hand.

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@laguna sorry you went through that.

Anything to put in the bag that one wouldn’t normally think of?

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jojobirdToday  05:57 pm JST

Anything to put in the bag that one wouldn’t normally think of?

Can't think of anything. Hahah.

I have a backpack in preparation (Tokyo area), and one thing I have in it, that most might not, is medicines such as antibiotics, anti-diarrheal, and painkillers.

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