Lives of many disaster survivors still on hold


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Oh! Good! Another Fukushima article. ; ^ 0 Fukushima.

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" An area outside a train station reopened last March only for a daytime visit to bring in the Olympic torch."

Praise Zeus they have the priorities in order. The almighty Olympics are all that matters.

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I find this article quite moving, and inspiring, some days you feel that your having a bad day in the office, or even two or three, but what has made me think is, this guy dives on a weekly basis, how much courage, determination and possotive thinking he has, puts my problems into perspective.

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For gods sake fix it, 10 years? Money for so many stupid pet projects but not enough for citizens. Way bent out of shape thinking, But I will wait for another 10 year long meeting to do what was obvious 10 years ago.

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> More than 30 trillion yen has been spent on reconstruction so far — but even Reconstruction Minister Katsuei Hirasawa acknowledged recently that while the government has charged ahead with new buildings, it has invested less in helping people to rebuild their lives, for instance, by offering mental health services for trauma.

Mr Hirasawa,

Where has lost the money ended up?

Not in the hands of the elderly or the unemployed for sure.

I will NEVER give money to an institution or charity in Japan, but I will give DIRECTLY into the hands of the homeless, as I did today.

Foreigners in Japan should heed the above...

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So where's the Money gone ?

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