M5.0 quake hits southwestern Japan; no tsunami danger


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Some times Lucky some times not But with a Quake that size one would expect massive damage and deaths .If any one has died by sincere condolence goes out to their families and those affected

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Ron - a quake of that size causes minmal damage in Japan.

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Given that the seismic intensity and no tsunami warnings, yes, chances are small that it has caused considerable damage.

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Was it really necessary for people to vote Ron's comment down?

Buildings in Kyushu aren't as tough against earthquakes as other areas in Japan where earthquakes are more common. Let's hope that everyone is safe.

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RD - Guilty as charged! It was a nice comment but way off the mark factually. Does Kyushu actually have different building regulations from the rest of Japan?

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cucashopboy - haha I see. Construction companies use a formula based on the chance of earthquakes occurring in an area when they construct buildings to decide how "earthquake-proof" to make the building. You could make a building earthquake/typhoon/mudslide/whatever-proof anywhere if you wanted to, but that would put the final price up so companies build houses that are resilient to whatever natural disasters are likely to occur in the area. It wouldn't make sense to have an earthquake-proof house in Okinawa anymore than it would to have a typhoon proof house in Hokkaido after all.

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RP - but typhoons do hit Hokkaido (the one last August was responsible for the current shortage of potatoes in Japan) and earthquakes do hit Okinawa!

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Eesh tough crowd. Bad examples on my part lol. But you get what I mean.

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In Kumamoto here, where we've grown somewhat accustomed to earthquakes (had 3,000 discernible ones after the big one). I felt a gentle shaking which immediately told me the epicenter was far away. It seems to be on the same fault as those that have rocked us recently. Interesting is its depth: 40KM, compared with normal depths of 10KM. I have no idea why. I do hope that it does not influence the Nankai Trough. When that baby goes, I've got a spare room ready for refugees from Oita and Miyazaki.

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Yes, there is a fault line running across Kyushu, connecting Ashikita, Kumamoto and Oita, going under the sea and running along through Shikoku. This was one of the concerns, whether the whole thing was shifting, and whether it would eventually cause the dreaded Nakai Trough shake that Laguna mentions with 350,000 projected fatalities.

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Me ive only been in one In Newcastle Australia where my house fell pff its pillows that held it up but lucky little damage to house as was timber frame and moved with the Quake need a bit of work , but jacked it back up added new footings and piers . This time with ties on top now attached to a separate frame ready for the next one i think it was only 6.4 not sure tho long time ago.

We had some deaths and many injured but nothing like Japan has had at any time.

That,s why my comment was written for the injured and any dead.

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It would be more useful if the article supplied intensity data (shindo scale) and not just magnitude. M5 can cause various outcomes depending on location, depth, etc. In this case, the top intensity reading was a 5+ in Saiki shi.

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lol Ron Barnes!

A 5.0 earthquakes causes massive damage in Japan?

When your house fell off its pillars in Australia, you took a couple jacks and jacked the entire thing back up.

You are too funny dude.

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