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M5.9 quake strikes off Fukushima Prefecture


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"The utility that operates the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant said its safety checks found no new abnormality." - That's some pretty fast safety checks on damaged nuclear planets, and hundreds of tanks holding contaminated water. Wouldn't it take more time to complete safety checks? AND Wording? "no NEW abnormality"? I thought everything was under control as no 'abnormalities' are hardly ever seen in the media.

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Standard wording from Japan's NPPs, meaning that there have been no reports so far, regardless of whether anyone is looking or not.

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For example, look at the wording, taken from NNN. 東京電力によると、福島第1原発、第2原発では、今のところ異常は確認されていないという。

A direct translation would be:

"According to Tepco, no abnormalities have been confirmed as of this moment at either Fukushima NPP No.1 or No.2."

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The Japan Meteorological Agency said there was no danger of a tsunami.

Yep, no danger of a tsunami 'this time'. They might not be so lucky next time the Chocolate Wheel spins up an earthquake off the Fukushima coast.

Yeah, the reactors are ok and the new seawall should protect the plant from a tsunami, but that is only half of the real worry. The real worry is the 1,000+ tanks holding tens of thousands of tons of highly irradiate water stored around the Dai-Ichi plant. These tanks were not designed to withstand a strong earthquake. Even if only two or three of these tanks rupture it will create a major environmental disaster. spin that Chocolate Wheel again. Their luck is bound to run out sooner or later.

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There was another earthquake yesterday afternoon and also one last week that set off the earthquake warning alarm. Are they just random events, or is it a build up to another big one? I wish I knew.

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Spokespeople are saying on TV that these are aftershocks from the original Fukushima 3/11 event, and that people should be prepared for more to come.

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nandakandamanda - Spokespeople are saying on TV that these are aftershocks from the original Fukushima 3/11 event, and that people should be prepared for more to come.

They could state it was aftershocks from the break up of Pangea some 350 million years ago and they'd still be right. Furthermore, considering Japan sits on the cusp of three tectonic plates it's inevitable there will be more quakes. These geniuses are very good at stating the blatantly obvious. How about telling us something we don't already know?

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What would happen if a NK Nuke was set off near to one of these sensitive fault lines ?

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mmwkdw, what, light the touch paper,  fizzzzz..... POP... ?

Actually the last nuclear test DPRK did may have set off a couple of shallow quakes nearby, originally said to be impossible, but later thought to have happened.

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