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Many events for long weekend cancelled or postponed amid virus fears


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Fear can caused a lot of issues, study be informed.

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Expect the birthrate to fall even more quickly then...

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Some people may think this is a over reaction. However, the Tokyo Olympic is just 5 months away. Billions of dollars and years of works spent on it so you really cannot take any risk.

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Yes of course, I only have 1 life unless someone out there has more than 1 to spare.

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I heard the Olympics will be held on schedule but all games may be held without spectators. It's going to be very quiet games.

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Olympics without any spectators?

Impossible, it will rather be cancelled than having no spectators

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I fear AKB48

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Spectators will not play games there. We can watch good games on TV. Game must be quiet.

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Many events and small conferences are continuing, but without overseas attendees; and instead, video links or webstreaming are being set up for them.

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I understand but no spectators means some athletes and delegations will not come and moreover, that there is still a risk of catching the virus which will also refrain athletes from coming.

It is rather you do the games normally or not. No decision will be taken before May or June. Before it is just speculation

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Japanese get the kind of leadership, that ask for

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I fear AKB48

I agree, they’re out to milk you for every yen.

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