Mechanic dies after being crushed by plane wing at Kagoshima airport


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Poor guy. Carelessness in industry kills a lot of people.

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Japan has very lax attitude when it comes to Safety and their employees. If only they would apply as much energy into Safety laws and regulations for industry as the anti US agitators do perhaps this could have been avoided.

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Japan has very lax attitude when it comes to Safety blah blah blah...........

Carelessness in industry kills a lot of people.

I'm inclined to wait for the cause of the problem to be announced before shouting off my mouth about Japan, safety, carelessness etc.

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Good to see we have all of the Japan Today technical experts posting their vast knowledge here today

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I work for a Japanese company, and in general they take safety very seriously. A main gear failure during hangar movement is unpredictable, and sudden when it happens. I doubt there was much he could do but attempt to get clear...

My heart goes out to his family, friends, and co-workers.

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Poor guy. Hope death was quick so he didn't have to suffer much.

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Ive had a look at several web site for "accident investigations" etc and there does not seem to have any issues with faulty landing gear, so hopefully this is just a one off. with out a full investigation we won't know exactly what has happened until the report is released.

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From what I got.

Plane was a passenger jet being brought.

Left landing gear either retracted due to fault or Instruction, causing the wing tip to swerve down in an arc and thus catch kill a worker.

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Bill Hefer,

Main undercarriage legs just don't collapse, they are designed with geometric locks to prevent such things happening.

As it was under what appears to be a maintenance tow, grounds locks/gear pins should be installed. This is a standard requirement across aircraft manufacturers.

In this industry, I've never known a gear pin to shear and they take some big loads when you do undercarriage checks on the ground.

Gear pins falling out because the safety retaining clip isn't fitted to them? Then yes, they have been known to come out.

A lot of undercarriage levers can be over ridden on the ground whilst the aircraft is sitting on it's wheels, but that is a deliberate act and a maintenance procedure. It's still a heart in the mouth moment when you do it on something like a Boeing 747 and it can and has gone wrong in the past.

So, if they were towing without the locks in or the locks weren't secured or the aircraft had known undercarriage faults or someone fiddled about in the cockpit then that is a serious safety lapse.

As what has tragically happened, aeroplanes can bite and they do so very quickly and nastly.

With various news items across the industrial spectrum and being involved in this particular one here, a lot of companies preach safety but are very lax in actually enforcing it and just go through the motions.

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accidents happen. i hope his family gets compensation.

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