Moomin theme park completes construction in Saitama


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Hoping this park it less kitschy than other European theme parks built (in the 80s and 90s) in Japan. There are too many to list off and many have gone belly-up since. We will only see!

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So, what do you reckon? Out of business in a year?

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I’d give it 2 years. And I hope they don’t have one of those pathetic “zoos” as part of the park.

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I have already said last time, there should be Manga Theme Park or Anime Theme Park, or MAP (Manga Anime Park), the Biggest one in Japan like no other in the world.

This will help Japan in many different fields, from tourism to population to economy to modern technology, etc.

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Been there with my family. My son loved it. Its in Hanno, near Chichibu. Entry was free (don't know about now with this new development), and it was nice. If you have children its worth taking them to it. Otherwise, don't bother. Its not really for adults..

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Visited the construction site few weeks ago. It will be great.

For more information pls. check:

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FinTech Global Inc have just thrown money at another "Haikyo" playground

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