More Moderna vaccine contamination detected in Okinawa


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Stay Pfizer

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I'm curious what happens in the meantime while this mess gets sorted out. Are the contaminations visible? Are inspections being increased? I've got my second shot coming up next week. No plans to change that, but it would be nice to know extra precautions are being taken.

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Reckless  05:14 pm JST

Quality control appears to be lacking.

In Spain.

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Pfizer stocks go brrrrrrrrr!

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This is something that should have been picked up on the production line. I've worked in a food production factory that had a very sophisticated bottle examination system.I would expect a drug company to be super safe. I wonder if deliberate contamination has been ruled out?

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Wonder how many more healthy young people will die after having these tainted vaccines. Safety should be paramount, obviously it isn’t and everyone should be concerned.

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These are the ones we’re hearing about. Its practically guaranteed there are a hell of a lot more.

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Safety should be paramount, obviously it isn’t and everyone should be concerned.

Safety is the last thing on the minds of vaccine peddlers.

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0 percent chance of dying from a vaccine I don’t take. 0 percent chance of dying from a virus I don’t have.

to each his own.

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OMG, how can we trust the vaccines after this?

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This is disconcerting. I got my first dose of Moderna 3 weeks ago and am scheduled to get my second jab next week. I sincerely hope they get to the bottom of this ASAP.

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it’s only the batch from Spain that is contaminated. The real question is if one or more people did it stupidly, or intentionally. Looking forward to hearing the report. If the contamination caused the deaths, then we may have a murder mystery.

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It is not hazardous contamination. Some tiny metal dust as tiny as it passes through needles got mixed. It is a known fact that during the course of production, tiny powder of rubber rarely get mixed into injections. It is harmless.

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it’s only the batch from Spain that is contaminated. 

According to the article these were from a different batch, which is what I (as someone scheduled to get a Moderna jab next week) so worrying:

The lots affected by the contamination spotted in Okinawa on Saturday are different from the 1.63 million doses suspended after the two deaths, according to local media reports.

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Takeda knew of this on August 16th but only told the Ministry of Health two days ago!!! What is it with Japanese companies and trying to cover up problems!

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Admittedly When AZ was released being the first they were learning on the job but, since then with further research and trials they've been able to tweak any problem and are now as good if not better than the other vaccines out there.

What a complete load of horse manure. The AZ vaccine has been fine from the beginning.

they were learning on the job

What planet are you living on?

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Reckless  06:18 pm JST

Quality control appears to be lacking.

In Spain.

The name on the label is Moderna. They own it.

Stating the obvious. Has anyone questioned the name on the label, or that “they own it”? Nope.

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Yeah, the government also says it can't be proven the spike in thyroid cancer in children around Fukushima is linked to the nuclear disaster, but won't check further on it (and therefore it cannot be proven).

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... large parts of the country are under strict virus restrictions.

Bahahahaha!! Oh good one! I needed a laugh today. S. T. R. I. C. T. virus restrictions! Hilarious!

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Strict ?! Lol

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Not surprising to see the anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists out in force in this article.

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Stay away from this poison.

1 ( +9 / -8 ) must suck when the news isn't playing it your way...'the vaxxed way'.

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RobToday  06:56 pm JST

If the CEO of Pfizer himself doesn't think it's necessary to get the vaccine as a healthy 59 year old man, why should you? I'm dying to hear why.

Happy to help, Rob. It is because that isn’t true.

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Must be a really strange coincidence that the ICUs are full of the un-vaccinated covid sufferers.

The anti vaccine cultists will grab at any straw now thier "arguments" are shown to be smoke screens for God only knows what they want to achieve.

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[Per photo above] . . . Is it necessary to go so far with the needle?

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V.M.Today  08:31 pm JST

That puts an end to the moderna vaccine in Japan. Nobody is going to take it from now on

They have already resumed vaccinations in Okinawa using a different batch. Thankfully, the contamination is easily visible.

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