Myanmar's Suu Kyi visits organic farm in Fukushima Pref


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I do not have unconditional trust in reports by self-righteous organizations like the Amnesty International or UN Human Rights Council. I need more than a grain of salt when I read them. Specifically I am often unable to brush aside my doubts about reports by former colonialist countries who are too eager to report current evils in the former colonies. I see plenty of hasty righteousness but not comprehensive hard facts about complex realities.

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The political environment and picture in any country changes constantly. It is not only difficult but extremely disadvantageous for a country like Japan which principles and actions after WWII, are extremely idealistic to write off an individual with "influence" and "potential" of affecting future relationship with that country, just because that individual is not liked or may not meet all of what Japan may want to see.

So it is with the President of Philippines.

The leader of any country is still a leader of that country to be "respected" and treated as such. That has to be the standard, even when at war. For one, there can be no treaty without a leader.

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organic farm in Fukushima Pref

why do they keep flogging this dead horse, may as well say organic farm in Chernobyl.

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Suu Kyi wont bend her principles to suit the fashionable leftist pc crowd.

She is Burma's Ghandi for whom only truth and what is right matters.

Except Ghandi spoke out against violence, which is a far cry from Suu Kyi fanning the flames of violence. Other than that, a complete equivalence.

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Ah, Japan... one of the only nations left that will cheerlead this woman so long as she stops by and makes them feel important.

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I apologize for my critique of her and her regime, but I spent time in London helping the Free Burma campaign. I feel cheated. Same as I feel bad for people of Fukushima.

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Ruslan, ChopChop, well said!

Suu Kyi wont bend her principles to suit the fashionable leftist pc crowd.

She is Burma's Ghandi for whom only truth and what is right matters.

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It would be extremely fitting and appropriate should she "invite" some of those "professionals" in organic farming to go to Myanmar and help them introduce establish such farming methods and developing new methodology for such vegetables and fruits that are native to Myanmar. If they already have something well established, a "sharing" of technology and methodology would certainly help both countries.

Both countries have disabled workers and farming needs. Not so much in educating but in sharing the similarities and differences are the basis for creativity as well as for meaningful human relationships. Not forced integration but mutually agreeable and beneficial, meaningful relationship is desirable for the world community. Not so much globalization but for the international effort to help the disabled productive part of any society, but also to allow their creativity, knowledge and skills to develop and grow.

They are an important part of humanity.

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TLDR Chop Chop, but I take it that you are broadly justifying the massacre of Rohingya Muslims.

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So called Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslims are in their native country Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Government has responsibility for its former citizens. The Middle Eastern Arab nations lead the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) had pressured and bribed the UN to recognize those illegal Bengali Muslim migrants from Bangladeshi as the Rohingya ethnic.

If the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the UN Officials and the Western World leaders have integrity and then they should have refused to recognize illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladeshi as Rohingya ethnic of Rakhine State, Burma.

The UN has a duty to prevent cheating, but the UN Chief has failed his duty to prevent incorrectly claimed of native ethnic by an illegal Bengali Muslim which leads to destabilize the Rakhine State and divided two Buddhists and Muslim communities. There's relatively living peacefully and the Buddhist community accepted the Bengali Muslims, even though they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh in Rakhine State.

The peoples who comment here against Daw Aung San Su Kyi or Burmese Government should learn about Rakhine and Burma history and as well as how Daw Aung San Su Kyi was trying to accommodate those Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslims back  in Rakhine State and becoming naturalized Burmese citizen even though the majority of Buddhist, Christian and Muslim communities against giving naturalized Burmese Citizen to Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslims.

Especially, the Kaman Muslim community in Rakhine State is angrily demanding to stop issuing citizenship to those illegal migrant Bengali Muslims as Kaman Muslim or native Burmese Muslim in Rakhine State to Government.

The exodus of Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslim refugees was not created by the Burmese Government or the Burmese Military. It was created by the OIC and the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA. The truth was the OIC wants to create an independent Islamic state in Northern Rakhine State and Islamization of the Rakhine State. The Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslim was not minority ethnic in Rakhine State as the journalists and the UN claimed. The illegal migrant Bengali Muslim population is the largest single ethnic population in Rakhine State.

Daw Aung San Su Kyi and her NLD Government are trying at their best afford for illegal migrant Bengali Muslim peoples’ becoming naturalized citizen in Burma by implementation of the Kofi Anna Commission's recommendation.Daw Aung San Su Kyi is trying hard to get peace and reconciliation between the Burmese Military and the ethnic minority armed groups in Burma. The illegal Bangladeshi Rohingya Bengali Muslim problem is not more important than the peace and reconciliation among Burmese ethnics but Daw Aung San Su Kyi is implementing the Kofi Annan Commission’s recommendation for Rakhine State. There’s no quick fix solution for the Rohingya Bengali Muslim problem. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) involvement in the Rakhine state can lead to war in Rakhine State and the UN and the Western Governments should be very careful about blindly supporting to the OIC and believing in rumors and fabricated stories. I would like to suggest to peoples to listen the full interview of the NHK and Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

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27 years in jail, for fighting for Democracy. she is as tough as steel

Then, once she obtained power, she immediately eschewed any semblance of democracy.

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She is a liar and a murderess.

It's 2018, there is no need to use any other word than murderer.

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Nobel Peace prize should be given after one's death. We have a saying, people cannot be determined until one's coffin is covered.

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I am proud of miyanmar leader

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how are they still pushing this fukushima shtick? are we living in the twilight zone?

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27 years in jail, for fighting for Democracy. she is as tough as steel.

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Aung San.....…. what an incredible disappoint you have become, how the HELL can one go from fighting for good to end up being EVIL!!

Your husband must be glad he is not here to witness your brutality!!!

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So the totalitarian regime of Myanmar is looking for farm workers - yet is killing and expelling the Rohingya people in their genocidal war? Aung San Suu Kyi should be arrested for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. What she and her junta cohorts are doing is disrupting the economic and social fabric of not just SE Asia but possibly the whole Orient.

poGoodlucktoyouToday 08:28 am JSTAfter that, she should visit the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

And then somebody in the UN wants to 'repatriate' the Rohingya 'back to Myanmar'. Why- so they can all be exterminated?

gelendestrasseToday 09:29 am JSTagreed, the Rohingya deserve some attention from their purported president.

Absolutely. Canada is one of the very few nations that is even noticing the horrible atrocities happening in Myanmar. Naturally with Benedict Donald at the helm, the US is giving lip service at best.  Aung San Suu Kyi has publicly denied that a genocide is even happening. She is a liar and a murderess.

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I thought Fukushima and organic automatically became an oxymoron in March 2011...

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agreed, the Rohingya deserve some attention from their purported president.

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After that, she should visit the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

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