NHK broadcasts erroneous North Korean missile launch report

By Chang-Ran Kim and Kaori Kaneko

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NHK sinking.

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This is what happens when competent leadership is replaced by yes men. If this information was not reviewed and then released, then the entire department in charge must answer for it, however if it was reviewed, then this becomes a willful act to start war. A much more dire act.

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NHK, if you keep instigating false allegations against a nation like NK...and they comply just to validate your publication we'll face chaos all courtesy of your demented fabrication. I sincerely hope you cease articulating such insipid stories or else be accountable for what happens to us all in Japan and those affected elsewhere.

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Or... it did indeed happen and NHK were late receiving the government memo.

Who knows any more.

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It sounds like the incident in Hawaii when the state sounded the alarm that was meant for testing by incompetent staff pressed the wrong button. Since then the responsibility of that is now put in the hands of federal government. However, it created such havoc that people started running and hiking in concrete drainage tunnels.

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Who in the hell conducts tests like this at 12:22 in the AM? Right NHK, how much does anyone want to bet that someone was drinking on the job and flipped the wrong switch!

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Couldve been the 1979 false nuclear launch warning in NORAD. Almost went to nuclear war if some Russian and American didn't go beyond their routine.

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The photo above is actually the 00:45 announcement that it was a false alarm.

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The incident.

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these jerks charge fees for their incompetence

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Nice to see those that pay the extortion fee are getting value for their money! Probably the most exciting thing that's been on NHK since the last false alert.

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April Fool!!!!

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Sort of reminds me of a scene in the old Peter Sellers comedy, "The Mouse That Roared," about a tiny European duchy's army of 20 longbowmen invaded New York City.

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If it ain’t true then...make it up!

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If you dream really hard, it will come true. Besides, the only way Japan can dig itself out of the economic stagnation hell hole is another war in Korean peninsula. Si Japan has no choice but to keep dreaming

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NHK charge you for this service too with each TV haha what a joke, complete incompetence from bumbling fools who are working way above their IQ level.

Wolf Wolf and when the wolf really is at the door no one will listen, really good NHK make all the people ignore the future warnings believing its just more stupidity from the bumbling fools in charge of NHK again.

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it’s nice to choose a time when everyone has their finger on a nuke button. Oopsy!

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 issuing an apology explaining it was a media training alert.

A media training alert? What a load of hogwash! This was a public scaring alert sanctioned by the government. There hasn’t been a launch in the past 12 months, so they just created one to keep the people hating. There is no way this was a mistake or done whacky kind of training exercise. Wait until little Kim gets wind of this. He’s gonna poop kittens over this one. I’ve said it many time in the past, Japan is its own worst enemy in Asia.

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Mistook Santa on his way home for a missile. Slightly somewhat understandable with everyone expecting Kim's Xmas present to arrive.

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Not sharing intel with the S Koreans and now this???

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This does not go well when tensions are high between these to countries, next I can see KJU start banging on about how the J media are trying to get every one to whip up hatred against him. This is one big blunder on NHKs part.

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It's a good thing it was a false alarm. But imagine if it were real.

It's better to be safe than sorry. And in a delicate situation. Prevention is the best way to avoid possible deaths.

Anyway, the NHK apologized for it. There's not much to criticize either.

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Nothing like a little fear of a foreign adversary to get a population to support its government, especially when it's trying to change the constitution to increase military capability.

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Wolf! Wolf! Good job, useless NHK! DEFUND NHK! Incompetent boobs.

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dougthehead: "It's a good thing it was a false alarm. But imagine if it were real."

But it wasn't. Why not imagine if a unicorn flew overhead, too.

"It's better to be safe than sorry."

Yes, taking an umbrella with you if you think it might rain, even if it is not raining when you walk out the door. Saying nuclear rockets are being launched? That is not "better safe than sorry", it's incompetence that could lead to panic, and deaths, with ZERO positives or safety whatsoever. What's safe about this, doug?

"And in a delicate situation."

Yes, even more reason not to create mass hysteria. Seriously, dude... have you thought about this or are you just rationalizing it for the sake of rationalizing it. This is not the first time they've done it, either. In fact, I don't think it's even the first time this year.

"Prevention is the best way to avoid possible deaths."

Yes, prevention of false announcements. What your suggesting is FAR worse than running into a crowded theater and shouting "FIRE!" just to... you know... be 'safe'.

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Fake news......Have the same problem here in America.

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Meanwhile over in Korea at camp Casey, the US base nearest to North Korea, some humanly erroring person played an emergency siren instead of taps at the end of the day causing a bit of a panic.

Invalid CSRF

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