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Nara Park issues feeding tips for tourists after increase in deer bites


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What's this nonsense about a request "from the deer?" Isn't it being posted by some park administration or volunteer group?

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they mean how to feed tourists? the title is a bit confusing...

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Tourists are sometimes idiots. I read a story about tourists surrounding a bear to take photos near the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido.

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One of these Nara deer bit me on the butt.

I ran out of those biscuits that you feed them and one of them still thought I had some so it bum rushed me.

Thug life.

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I once fed one of those deer my Todaiji brochure and my ticket stub. He wolfed it all right down.

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I noticed the best time to go to avoid the aggressive deer is late afternoon when they are all well fed and just lying around. Also they naturally tend to congregate closer to Todaiji Temple because all of the tourists are there. After that, they head deeper into the park to lounge around.

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My tip to people who want to do it is always to stand back, wait, and watch other people buy and try it first. Once they see the deer rush in and swarm them, in EVERY case biting their backsides or nipping at their legs, they decide it's not necessary. If they wanted to be serious about stopping the deer bites and aggressive behaviour, stop the deer feeding.

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Oh deer

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Simple solution... have protective protective work gloves available (lend or sell,) problem solved especially good idea for children I think...

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Never had a problem with biting, but I did have a deer stab me in the face (drawing blood) with his antler, which was shedding too so it was super sharp. Perhaps they should do something about the antlers

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That photograph....the obottchan has just thrown some biscuits to the deer. And the family looks familiar. Imperial Family members? Does anybody recognize them?

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They round up the deer at least once a year and cut off their antlers.

Leather gloves will only protect your hands. The article does say to show both your hands clearly to the deer, ie not to hide one hand. Nips to the arms, legs and rear end will still be painful, unless you're a biker in full leathers.

Those cheap crackers could well prove dear.

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