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New island off Japan may not last long, say experts


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It's in Japan's territorial waters.

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People think that by commenting “ China might try to claim it “ is funny but it’s simply idiotic. The disputed islands that Japan, China, South Korea or Russia claim as their own has always been for certain reasons. Every country has a right according to their cases to claim it as their own. So people who make fun and laugh at the idea of other countries claiming their rights over a disputed island have no knowledge of history and why there is a dispute about the rightful ownership!

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Oh dear, yet more land for another USA military base.

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It's an unesco world heritage site already lol

Not yet, there is no prefectural government making a business plan to attract tourism to the new island.

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New island off Japan may not last long...

Won't stop China trying to claim it. /s

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Quick stick a flag on it before Nature sticks a fork in it!

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I wonder if anyone has called it chijima yet?

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China already building an airbase on it lmao

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Better claim it as Japan's before China catches wind and starts citing millenia-old documents of its claims.

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It already has a mascot

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I like how any island southeast of Japan is described as "south of Tokyo".

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This is not a question of territory.

Those eruptions are beautiful and the birth of an island is a great source of scientific knowledge.

The Surtsey eruption in Iceland in 1973 has been known to better observe how life develops on a short and long term. Birds do bring seeds, some plants develop, etc

I hope this island can survive the time and scientific knowledge to be gained from it.

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The last time a small island was created like this, another commenter had the great line, " new island formed in the sea off the coast of Japan, China already claims ownership!" Always makes me laugh when I think of that, and when I head about a new island being formed!

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Quick, get the tetrapods around it.

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Oh, Japan will pour concrete over it to make sure it lasts, cough cough Okinotorishima.

Japan invented artificial islands, which was then copied by the Chinese in the South China Sea to make territorial claims.

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