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New project could improve weather forecasting

By Handout

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The last "new project" was supposed to improve weather forecasts... but I never seem to have my umbrella when I need it.

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The iPhone weather app is 95% of the time wrong. I always check tenki and yahoo and then assume the average between the 3 for the most likely weather result.

Then again, back home we mostly have rainy weather so even if the weather prediction is wrong its usually a good thing.

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@papa same here! sometimes just poking my head outside the window gives me a better clue as to what the weather will be like. japan is light years behind when it comes to weather forecasting and also graphics on tv.

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I’m a window head poking person too. NNK is about 70% wrong. But you can check this seasons fashion by what the presenters wear, so still worth watching.

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@nakanoguy01 japan is light years behind when it comes to weather forecasting and also graphics on tv

Agree with you for the graphics but not your previous words.

I used to work in a private weather company here and was forecasting. Japan is as good as other countries that have technology and powerful computers. Japanese forecasters, most of them, with a bit of experience, know very well the specificity of their country when it comes to forecasting. The problem, as I suppose you know, is that the forecast on the mainstream media is just a general forecast that does not take into account the local specificities, and as Japan is a tiny country surrounded by sea with lots of topography, t a lot of local effects affect the cloud, wind, fog, precipitation forecast etc.. and of course cannot be taken into account for the general public. When it comes to bad weather, JMA and the main TV generally make it worst than it should be, to avoid any complain later on. Better safe than sorry for them.

I was doing pinpoint forecast for professionals and we were much more accurate, taking into account the local geography, etc…

I came back to my old job and when I really wanna know the weather, look at weather models on the net.

In term of weather research, US is first.

To end, a forecast remain a forecast and will never be 100% accurate

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japan is light years behind when it comes to weather forecasting and also graphics on tv

You mean an air-headed tarento holding a stick with a grapefruit stuck to its end isn't practicing pure meteorology?

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I don't watch it on tv, but Yahoo! Weather is nearly always spot on for Kanto. They're saying snow next week, I'm fairly sure they'll be correct.

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