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The new Toranomon Hills Station on the Hibiya subway line Image: JAPAN TODAY

New subway station opens at Toranomon Hills in Tokyo


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Many railway enthusiasts turned up to be among the first to board a train at the new station, one of whom was...

I don't understand why writers write that way. Why not: "Many railway enthusiasts turned up to be among the first to board a train at the new station. One of them was..."

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Time to update my backup PDF Tokyo Metro Map on my smartphone... again.

Also, have to remember that all the old Hibiya line station numbers from H06 on up to H22 have changed so if your brain is on autopilot, you happen to have friends visiting and tell them to meet you at H15 for Akiba or H17 for Ueno, they are now H16 and H18 respectively.

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Great. I'm looking forward to using that station when life returns to normal.

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It's good news. I don't think we've had a new subway station in Tokyo since the Fukutoshin Line opened about a decade or so ago.

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I’m sure it’s nice and everything but to be honest, it wasn’t really needed. The distance between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki is not that far. This was more waste related to the mother of all wastes the Tokyo Olympics

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I agree it's a waste, but it has no real relation with the Tokyo Olympics. It's not like it was meant to be a key transport hub for any of the venues. Just seems to be a way to increase the value of MORI's multi-building development.

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I can not wait to use this station. Its dreamy. Like no other!

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Oh no! H06 is now Toronanon Hills and not longer Kasumegasaki !?

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Stupid numbering system in the first place... shows that they hadnt planned for all the paperwork, etc that a new station enroute would cause them.

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I hate it when they add "hils" to places.

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To those who think it's a waste? Why? Tokyo Metro is profitable, and why wouldn't they want to do something to increase the number of users?

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