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No. of foreign visitors to Japan plummets 93% in March


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I'm surprised it wasn't higher.

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Because nobody wants to quarantine for 2 weeks just to come here, plus there are bans

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JonathanJoToday  06:48 am JST

I'm surprised it wasn't higher.

That actually sounds about right considering that while the rest of the world was closing its boarders, setting stay at home orders, sending out stimulus checks to its people, Japan was focusing on keeping the Olympic on schedule, keeping corporate Japan going and telling people that everything is under control.

Now as the rest of the world is recovering and slowly moving to reopen, Japan is closing down as other countries started doing 2/3 months ago.

Let’s see what April numbers gives us.

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I expect it should be close to 100% for April. I'm surprised March values were that high. Nobody should be travelling, unless absolutely necessary.

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The number of tourists will just sink further as the number of corona virus cases not only in Japan but worldwide keeps rising everyday.

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No flights what did you expect?

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Well...duh !!!!

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Good for solo travellers who want to have some quiet journey.

Maybe it's time to have Pilgrimage Vacation.

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Probably 99% in April.

How wishes to travel with no guarantee going back, nor being correctly treated, nor have enough money, etc.

My home cou try will be hit the hardest as for tourism (France) but recovery will be faster because of many neighbouring countries.

Japan must help its workers.

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100% for visitors and 99% for job seekers.

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Wonder why bother with statistics like this, Its like switching off your phone and complain none call you. !!!

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Yet those pesky Skyliners still have priority from Narita to Nippori and Ueno.

Even though hardly anybody is on them......and I mean hardly anybody.The last time I counted there were 3 passengers on one as I waited forever it to pass through my station.

Meaning that tons of commuters have to give way to them while they by pass their stations and people waiting at the train barriers have to gather together to wait to cross.......it so so mind-blowingly stupid.

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