No. of virus patients recuperating at home tops 30,000


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A state of emergency, under which people are urged to refrain from going out and restaurants asked t

Events like the Sumo tournament with spectators are on. Urged or not, people will keep going out as usual with events and everything on.

Japan has put a burden on itself by trying first to hospitalize everyone.

When asymptomatic, quarantine is the right way. This should have been done from the start. Now, no other way to do due to the limit of hospitals bed. Using hotels has been good for two reasons. Making the hotels working as they get money back, and being sure people are isolated.

I do not like the use of patients for asymptomatic people. They are not sick

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Rather die at home with family than in a lonely bleak isolation ward tended by plastic people.

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Rather die at home with family

Wouldn't that put the rest of your family at huge risk, you know with this being a highly contagious virus and all that?

Or, do you actually mean die at home with other family members?

I know they are doing this to try and lessen the strain on the hospitals, but unless people live alone then they are putting the health of their loved ones at huge risk.

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I know they are doing this to try and lessen the strain on the hospitals, but unless people live alone then they are putting the health of their loved ones at huge risk.

Those who live alone will need to eat and unless and unless there is someone to do their shopping for them they will need to go out to shop for groceries, fuel the car, withdraw money from the bank using the ATM and there is a high chance of spreading it through contact,

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HBJ, here in the UK I've know of 3 cases where people have go into hospital for non covid reasons, they have contracted covid whilst they have been in hospital and been sent home knowing that they have it, and pass it onto there families who have now contracted it. This virus is a game changer, it virulent, it has the ability to have long lasting effects on our bodies, one of my customer who had this last year is still suffering form excruciating kidney pains today, when will people and the government in Japan sit up and realise what happening? and take it seriously.

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In other countries they built temporary hospitals and took over schools, gymnasiums and stadiums to house the patients. In Japan however, they send them home. How wonderful, not!

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Supports the story that 6000 people with Covid-19 were unable to find/refused hospital beds last week in Tokyo.

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Access to hospitals in case of emergency should be guaranteed. I suggest that non-covid, non essential contacts and diagnosis be made online. But oddly, some old-school doctors and medical associations still resist this alternative service amid the pandemic.... seems, they are choking their own neck. Not only would online services minimize the virus risk, it would also gain new opportunity (outreaching patients away from hospitals)

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Third Wave? My butt! Japan has been in a perpetual "wave" as there has been no return to "zero" since the start. This media BS about "waves" here is nauseating!

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I wonder if there are any statistics on flu cases. Be good for a comparison.

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The government advises patients suffering no or mild symptoms to stay at home or in a designated hotel to free up hospital beds for those with severe conditions.

Are they at least receiving any meds?

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...when will people and the government in Japan sit up and realise what happening? and take it seriously.

@Brian - Stay safe in the UK pal.

Everyone in Japan has had almost 12 months of relative calm to look around the world and see how bad things can get if the virus starts to spread. In that time it seems the government and many businesses have failed to learn from the plight of other countries and put meaningful plans in place. Now the government is scrambling to work out what best to do, and businesses such as bars are complaining they have to close a few hours earlier. It's crazy, and the scramble was perfectly avoidable - because it was so predictable.

That's not me trying to be a smart arse, but I looked at my business and made plans for what I would do if X, Y, and Z happened, and I based X, Y, and Z on what was already happening in other countries. This virus is serious, and it has the potential to get a whole lot worse very quickly.

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No. of virus patients recuperating at home tops 30,000

sounds about right ...

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Being asymptomatic means one has no symptoms, and whether or not infected has nothing to do with quarantine.

Sure glad I am not spreading this around.

Lump summing statistical numbers is poor policy and not valid.

Tokyo has the largest number of home bound patients with 8,518, up over 3,000 from a week earlier, and the total number of cases in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama prefectures, is around 20,000.

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Lump summing statistical numbers

Could you explain what that phrase means?

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The number of coronavirus patients recuperating at home in Japan reached 30,208 this week, the health ministry said Saturday.

Well there’s a problem right off. Some may not need hospitalisation, but just because some are being denied in-hospital treatment does not mean they are necessarily recuperating. So how about something like ’patients suffering from Covid but not classified as seriously ill’.

The situation poses a challenging task to health authorities in terms of keeping a check on patients in the event of a sudden deterioration in their condition.

Perhaps here they are trying to say ’health authorities, who are leaving patients untreated at home, exposing some to the risk of a sudden worsening of their condition.’

This is particularly true as there is little education of the public that you might not feel any change, but your oxygen saturation level could be dropping dangerously low. Most of us don’t have a pulse oximeter at home.

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday reported the deaths of two COVID-19 patients -- a man in his 80s and a woman in her 50s -- who were recuperating at home.

And this is why words matter. If they died, they weren’t recuperating, were they? So stop sugaring the pill and say people are suffering with Covid, then the report will make a bit more sense.

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Sure glad I am not spreading this around.

if you were asymptomatic, you would not know whether you were or not...

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However, homebound patients are now believed to be a major factor in the recent rise of infections nationwide.

This is unclear, but I assume they mean that people who are meant to stay at home 24/7, are not. Something the govt. should have considered - with a large % of the population living alone, how are they going to survive at home without going grocery shopping? Online shopping is rare or non-existent. But sure, blame the sick people, not the 'experts'.

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