One death reported as typhoon knocks out power to 35% of Okinawa homes


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It was expected to cross to eastern China later in the week.

I really wonder where they are getting their information from. This typhoon, by all recognized and reliable, forecast agencies, is going to continue to move to the east for a day, and loop back just north of Okinawa and NOT go anywhere near eastern China!

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Yep,heading eastwards towards us in Amami this weekend.

Hope you and yours are okay down there.

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Hope you and yours are okay down there.

Back at ya! There are some seriously crazy pictures from this typhoon

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Yubaru take care stay safe buddy

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Yep,been riding last couple of days.

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Yubaru take care stay safe buddy

Thank you! We lost power for about 12 hours, actually ran out and found a Family Mart open, got a few bags and blocks of ice, and got home and "saved" the food in the fridge and freezer.

Saw lots of downed trees, foliage blowing all over the place, flipped cars, but generally speaking, it wasnt so bad! Have to wait for the reports to get collected about just how bad it was though.

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my heart is always with you.

I just don’t understand why Japanese government spending so much money on hosting US bases and their families instead of caring about the people that live there

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"It was expected to cross to eastern China later in the week."

JT this is incorrect. Why haven't you updated this? NHK have been reporting all afternoon that the typhoon is heading in an eastern direction possibly towards Kagoshima

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I think the information that it was expected to continue its path (north east) toward was accurate a week ago when we first saw it moving that way. I thought it would go the same way as typhoon 5 to be honest, this is the definitely the worst outcome.

Fingers crossed it's not too bad for you guys

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*north west, sorry

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It's headed this way:

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