One year after release, Pokemon Go is fitness tool for players


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watched some kids almost killed walking from the car to the supermarket. they were playing on some devise, not looking. but anything that can improve communities is good.

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Goodlucktoyou: Watched a woman get clocked by a bicycle yesterday coming out of the supermarket and moving towards the sidewalk. She didn't see the bike coming at her because she was staring at the receipt the cashier gave her. No pokemon, no electronic device... just not looking around or paying attention. That said, the kid on the bike should not have been on the side walk. She admonished for it after he helped her pick up her groceries and apologized. Didn't wait to see the aftermath.

I know some people who have clocked more than 2000 km walking with Pokemon in that one year, or at least the indicator says. A couple of them admit they have it running while in their cars (not playing while driving, but keeping the app open and sometimes getting pokestops at stop lights or when pulling over) and some of the distance comes from that, but others ONLY walk or cycle.

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So what is the latest smartphone game craze? I don't here people talk about Pokemon Go, Line Pop and Tsum Tsum lately.

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There are big signs in Ueno park saying you are not allowed to play it. Security guards will kick out you out.

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"I have long wanted to visit Amanohashidate," a 40-year-old tourist from Ishikawa Prefecture said recently. "I finally decided to come because of Pokemon," he said.

It's really sad that some people can't enjoy nature without it being augmented with animated characters.

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Rather than playing games at home, I think that it is better to go outside and play. Games like Pokemon GO make you actually walk and you can play the game outside. Since Pokemon GO is popular not only in Japan but also overseas, a lot of tourists visit, bringing liveliness to tourist destinations. And thanks to Pokemon GO, there are more people going out and tourists are increasing in various sightseeing spots. However, it is dangerous to see people using their cell phone while walking. If someone plays Pokemon GO while driving a car, a big accident could happen and someone could die. Is it free to play games? If you do not play by keeping the rules, an accident that can not be undone will happen. You can't go back in time and stop the accident if it already happened. As each person follows the rules and plays happily, the popularity of Pokemon GO will increase. As a result, Japan's sightseeing spots will be overflowing with more people and will bring liveliness. Let's keep the rules and play it safely.

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I myself am a big fan of Pokémon, but I don't play Pokémon GO so often. The system of the battle in Pokémon GO is quite different from that of the original game, and I don't like it.

   In contrast, my parents like Pokémon GO very much. They often go out for a walk to collect monsters. The good thing is that we have more conversations than before thanks to Pokémon GO.

  I'm waiting for my sweet Dedenne to appear, but it's going to take a while.

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We were surprised that Pokémon Go is used by middle-aged and older people as a way of keeping fit. Many of our friends were into Pokémon Go when it first released. In addition, people from various countries were instantly hooked and took the world by storm. The idea that some municipalities have continued to use Pokémon Go as a means of attracting visitors was something that we thought to be quite innovative. However, traffic accidents and illegal acts were frequently occurring due to players becoming too distracted by the game, therefore losing awareness of their surroundings as a result. So, we think that players should abide by the rules and consider basic etiquette while playing the game.

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Pokemon GO is a free application game, it is a game that you can enjoy easily with your smartphone just by walking. I often remember the moment that it was released and many people were playing the game at the same time as releasing. Immediately after launch, I was surprised to hear that this game, which was popular by young people, is now popular among mature people. Some said that this application could help you lose weight while searching pokemons. This is a fun and healthy way. We believe that by using smartphones for a long time, sales of mobile batteries for smartphones increased, and going to various places caused on economy effects. I find that this game has influence not only from economy effect but also from many aspects. However, before this game was released, operating a smartphone while walking was a social problem. Nevertheless, I wondered whether this game might be a game that promotes manipulating smartphones while walking. There was also the worst event that some were injured and some even died by being distracted smartphone screens and distracting attention. If you do not play with caution, this may happen in the future.

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I have learned that not only young people but also middle-aged are crazy about smartphones through Pokemon GO.

As we get older the opportunity to go out other than work decreases, so I think it is a very modern solution to maintain health by playing this game since it requires you to catch more Pokemons by playing it outside.

I played Pokemon Go and I am so crazy about this app. Though, It was very shocking that it can lead to cause accidents. Since texting while walking is a serious problem in recent years, it is better to look around when you play. Certainly it may be good for the elders who are at home all day. However, as I mentioned earlier, there is a possibility of causing an accident, so I think that precautionary measures are still needed.

I wanted to keep being healthy, so I preferred walking. In this kind of app, it is a good idea that they were able to create such. Surprisingly, I didn't know that this game enliven the tourism industry. You can catch different Pokemon by the locals, players are entertained, so it's really quite an interesting one as I thought.

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Since Pokemon GO was released last year, news such as accidents have been reported and we were both surprised and saddened. Although using mobile phones while walking was said to be dangerous for a while now, Pokemon GO is promoting this very thing. However, if you look at it as a walking tool, it is an excellent app. Recently, more and more people are lacking exercise. 

By improving more traffic safety rules prevent accidents caused by using mobile phones while walking, people can enjoy it. Also, we think collaboration of the app with sightseeing spots is a very good idea because it is an opportunity for many people to get to know some less famous sightseeing places. Sightseeing spots are now being advertised in various ways, but since this is the first such promotion using games, it is a new and fresh idea. 

In the future there will be many other applications, other than Pokemon GO that will promote dieting and sightseeing.

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About a year after the start of delivery of Pokemon Go that is application games for smartphones. It has become a tool for middle-aged and elderly people. Some Japanese tourist attractions are the way to attract tourists.

 In Ueno Park in Tokyo was used to be a popular place for fans of the application. The number of players who played the game has become much less than before. Pokemon GO soon became a social phenomenon in Japan.The park filled with people searching for Pokemon. Immediately after the domestic release in last July, the number of players playing games at least once a month was about 11 million in Japan.

 This figure decreased by half in the fall of 2016, and enthusiasm calmed down. In terms of tourism, some municipalities continue to use the application as a means of attracting visitors.

 I also thought that I should try Pokemon GO again on this occasion. Also, since there are Pokemons that is able to not be caught in Japan, I thought that I would like to use it overseas.

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I was surprised that Pokemon Go is also popular with elderly people. I was thinking that this application is only for younger age. In addition, Pokemon Go can also be a health tool since you need to walk more to win. This application can bring a positive and negative effect depending on the usage. It helps my health especially when l walk by myself. Company policy for outdoor games is incredible. I was surprised to use Pokémon application and people play the game on some part of the tourists spot. I thought it would be fun to use such application because it is interesting and challenging game to do. In addition, I think that it is amazing to see that Pokémon Go players gather together at the same area. With this type of a game, the tourist area comes to life or revitalize due to a lot of people go there and makes the place good for socializing. With this type of a game, the tourist area comes to life or revitalized due to a lot of people go there and makes the place good for socializing.

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