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Online matchmaking party business doing well


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Wonder how many of the participants are of the corona divorce persuasion?

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"I don't have the confidence to live on my own, working as a nonregular employee, in the economic downturn caused by the virus pandemic," she said.

I'll translate : "Rather than work the daily grind, I'd rather marry a guy and have him become a walking ATM."

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"Do you like Pina Coladas? And getting caught in the rain?"

There aren't that many chances for some people in Japan to hook up, so good luck all them. For shy folks, doing this online for starters sounds a less daunting than going to a go-kon.

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Looking for a partner...seems like not the way to do it, but that’s just me.

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A total of 400 people took part in matchmaking parties 

Those are those are all the people who haven't heard of the Tinder app yet

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Looks like most ladies are just wanting to get away from Japan Inc & get a bank card to boot! Just like I have said in other threads about careers, a LOT of ladies in Japan absolutely DO NOT want to have one!

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Basically, modest and serious girls don't go to Love Matching parties, but this Pandemic is making more chances to they find much easily the way to see matching partner before meet. Nice to see you party, makes more sense here.

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Basically, modest and serious girls don't go to Love Matching parties

What? Yes they do.

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