Osaka to ask citizens to avoid drinking in groups of 5 or more


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It only takes one spark to start a fire.

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So instead of spreading the virus to a larger number of people, they want to keep the number of possible additional infections from a group gathering down to a more manageable four. Sounds smart to me.

What a bunch of morons.

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This is the same rule, or should I better say request, as already established in many countries over the world.

Some countries say, maximum 10 people can gather together.

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On Tuesday, the number of new infections reported across the country amounted to 980, the second-highest following the record of 981 marked last Thursday.

Actually, at least one extra case from Tottori was reported just before midnight, making yesterday's total 981, which makes it tied for the highest number of cases in a day.

NHK reports the day's total here:

However, the government's official numbers for yesterday won't be published until a few hours from now, and NHK has repeatedly reported a slightly lower number than reality (particularly for the past several days) and NHK also conveniently fails to update their stats whenever the number is off due to late reporting, so even 981 may not be enough, and yesterday may indeed have broken the record.

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Ask again?

We know how that's worked the past few months.

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Ask? Ha! Ha! Yeah, that’ll work.

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Shall we also stop going to work or riding train cars with more than 5 people as well?

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@Pukey and Do the hustle

In many foreign countries government set a rule and force the people not to gather with more than e.g. 10 people.

But the people dont listen.

Everyday you can hear the news that police has to break up gatherings with more than 10 people.

So it makes no big difference if the government ask or force.

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Right, so two tables of four people are okay then


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Shall we also stop going to work or riding train cars with more than 5 people as well?

We "urge" you to do so.

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In Japan's hostess bars, women entertain male customers over drinks and flirtatiously chat with them, while in host clubs, men do the same for their female customers.

They should skip the chatting

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Actually asking and urging here in Japan works a lot better than forcing people in many other countries.

Of course that's the reason the people in other countries are forced in the first place.

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Here in Australia, the government has closed down any places that have had infections and even brought a state into lock down after a second wave.

I know Japan loves to do a lot of "asking", "urging" and "regretting" but how about enforcing? Enforce rules so that people don't have unnecessary gatherings and potentially cause a cluster of infections.

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"I know Japan loves to do a lot of "asking", "urging" and "regretting" but how about enforcing?"

The constitution won't allow it. And to be honest, the Japanese police already have more than enough power.

I used to think Australia's way, was the way to go. But all I can see is a crippled economy for years.

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Good move, limiting tables to 4 in the crowded izakaya will decrease a danger of being inflected.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

I don’t necessarily disagree with that, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, either break up your group or go out with less people to minimize the risk spread.

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Excellent idea. Perhaps the prefectural government can politely ask the virus to not transmit itself between people drinking in small groups.

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I'm glad they stopped showing pictures of crowded Kungenuma Beach every day and blaming the infections on surfers and beachgoers.

It's the indoors: cramped bars, restaurants and trains. Period.

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They should do the same thing in Nagoya,the centre is still full of hizakaya and pubs where people gather in mass and without masks of course,then these same people will take the public transportations etc.

They have to understand that this is not not only a Tokyo problem,but it is effecting every big towns in Japan and the suburbs.

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Describing the situation as "very serious"

Well, look who joined the party 4 months late.

It's not even just bars or izakayas, just last night coming home from work, I have to go through the eki.

Just a bunch of jokers hanging out in front of the combini, not even purchasing food, just huddling around yapping. Of course, all males, mainly in their 20s.

Then as I get closer to the station, just random guys in pairs, on dates I suppose, chatting and smoking away. Pretty dirty looking too. All males. Mainly in their 30s-40s.

To make things worse, I see two cops making the rounds, talking to the skateboarders. Yup, we have skateborders. Yet nothing was done. No citations, no arrests, no telling people to disperse. Again all males.

What is with these people? Don't they have better things to do? I guess not, or else they'd be doing it.

The point is, unless the authorities stop cutting the crap and start forcing punishments, no one is going to do the right thing around here. Never mind "asking" or "suggesting" things. Just start taking these scum out and make examples of them.

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Wow, that is some strong urging there.

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Why are you picking on skateboarders? Were they dirty looking as well? Is skateboarding against the law in Japan? Were they drinking in groups of more than 5 at an izakaya (which is what the article is actually about)?

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Japan's minister in charge of the coronavirus response said Tuesday the names of nightlife establishments should be disclosed if infections are confirmed there as a result of insufficient anti-virus measures

What happens if there is infection in the train or bus. Will the train or bus be named and shamed?

The virus is already widespread in the cities instead of doing more testing they are continuing with the scapegoating of nightlife.

Yesterday Osaka pop 8.8Ml performed 2099 test yielding 155 positive.

Well 2099 is massive by osaka standards.

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What should be the focus is the number of deaths which is minuscule...

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