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Pacific island nations express concern over Japan's tainted water release


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For context: About two weeks ago at 11 test points, the closest being around 3 km from the outlet, the Environment Ministry could not measure an increase in radioacitvity. The Solomon Islands are about 5,600 km from Japan.

And the water they're releasing is well under the approved radiation limit for drinking water.

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The only Pacific nations voicing opposition are those allied to and funded by Communist China. For example the Solomon's. No coincidence.

The vast majority - certainly the biggest : Fiji, Aus, NZ - are following the science.

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Chinese money at work.

13 ( +16 / -3 )

Excuse my cynicism, one way or another all roads lead to the Government of China.

The Government of China would pay for your grandmother health care in retirement, build your new infrastructure, bridges,  asphalt concrete roads even build your ports.

Just support our nefarious expansion, our control over trade and shipping lanes.

The government and people of Japan need to be shown the path. That have this crazy idea to question our motives.

Improving Australia, China ties helps Pacific island nations - PNG minister


Never ever something for nothing.

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These Pacific islanders should know by now that the rich countries only give lip service to caring about them. I don't like them getting close to China but the G-whatever nations don't care at all. During the next European world war, they'll just overrun and abuse those countries as usual.

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Embarrassingly obvious who is behind this. At least the enemy is dumb.

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Japan is handling this release 100% correctly: thorough planning, transparency, and independent international monitoring by the IAEA.

The prime minister of the Solomon Islands, which has developed close ties with China in recent years, denounced the discharge

As stated many times, China's opposition is purely political. The CCP has no shame or morals: China is the world's biggest polluter, and the CCP has sickened and killed millions through its COVID lies and obfuscation, whilst outrageously denouncing Japan's comprehensive, transparent water release plan.

Sogavare in Solomon Islands has become China's lapdog, but even though he been bought by the CCP (for personal gain), the people there are not stupid. This is how China's influence is seen by many there:



Sogavare will also find, like the Philippines' Duterte and many others, that China's promises are pure lies: its "pledge trap:"


Japan should (and, I'm sure, will) continue to handle this water release in the current, correct manner. It, and the rest of the world, should ignore the rogue state that is China.

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They should stop being so silly and get on with making lives better for their own people.

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They can't do that when their island is sinking due to rising seas. Eventually, all 11,000 residents will have to leave. Probably to Australia.

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MocheakeToday 06:15 pm JST

but the G-whatever nations don't care at all.

Japan clearly does care, hence this transparent plan for the water release. See also the large amount of aid (climate-related and otherwise) it provides to Pacific nations through JICA. The same is true of many other "G-whatever" nations.

Australia (G20) has even this week offered resettlement to the people of Tuvalu affected by climate change:


China will do nothing of good for Pacific nations - or any other nation. It will simply exploit them.

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Pacific island nations express concern over Japan's water release

Fukushima residents are pretty upset too!

“Residents and fishermen file a lawsuit demanding a halt to the release of Fukushima wastewater,” 8 September 2023,https://apnews.com/article/japan-nuclear-fukushima-wastewater-release-lawsuit-9d507ac176c308fe4a332be2a7baf263

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

Concern noted. Get back to living on your island paradises and enjoying generous kickbacks from China.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Just because you're concerned about something doesn't mean there's a legitimate concern.

Just because you try to show everyone what a victim you are doesn't make you a victim.

I wonder if they've voiced the same concerns to China over the years for releasing water with higher concentrations of radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean?

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Japan's LDP government or TEPCO or obedient major media have still spread falsehood toward japanese society as if only China and South Korea oppose dumping radioactive waste water, and obscured many issues by nationalism.

despite history of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima, present Japan is "tolerance" to radioactivity strangely, shamefully lacks even empathy to Pacific Island's people who have difficult history suffered by radioactivity from innumerable nuclear tests. 

Japan ignored other practicable option that can continue to storage radioactive contaminated water on the ground on the excuse of cost, but cost balloons such as compensation after all.

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It’s important to keep in mind that Pacific Islanders are no strangers to nuclear issues. The United States tested 67 massive nuclear weapons in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, some equal to over 1000 times that of the yield of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. France tested nearly 200 nuclear weapons. Britain tested many as well. The nuclear free and independent Pacific movement was a massive and passionate democratic response by Pacific Islanders in response to these abuses and the threat of Japan literally dumping radioactive waste in the Marianas trench, which it had actually planned to do in the 1980s. These are not foolish and ignorant voices speaking up to confront Japan about the release of Fukushima tritium-laced water; this is an understandable response given Japan’s poor track record in Oceania on nuclear issues, as well as its military alliances with the United States that also encroach upon Pacific lives with militarism and pollution near bases and at sea. Indeed, most of these islands are thousands of km from Japan, but they’re keenly aware of what all nations are doing in their waters. This includes China— aside from some of the more China-sympathizing governments like the Solomons, most Pacific nations have a critical view and healthy distrust of what China is up to, too— they aren’t just passive lapdogs biased by propaganda, as some commenters suggest.

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The headline is plural.

Which leaders other than of Solomon Islands has expressed “strong concerns?”

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Which leaders other than of Solomon Islands has expressed “strong concerns?”

yes this article is vague but it’s referring to the current summit of the Pacific Island Forum gathering in the Cook Islands. Previously in September the forum released a unanimous communique on behalf of all member foreign ministers expressing concern over the Fukushima wastewater release, viewable here: https://pina.com.fj/2023/09/19/pacific-islands-forum-foreign-ministers-issue-statement-on-fukushima/

and there are also active lawsuits by Pacific nations toward Japan. It is not only the Solomons but multiple nations reacting quite strongly to this issue, and even in countries where the government has taken a stance in favor of Japan/TEPCO, local groups and opposing politicians are speaking out about this.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

There are several thousand times the amount of tritium in the lume of my wristwatch than in the wastewater being released. These islanders, and some JT posters above, really need to at least try to understand the science that clearly demonstrates that the wastewater is not harmful at all.

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They can't do that when their island is sinking due to rising seas. Eventually, all 11,000 residents will have to leave. Probably to Australia

I am sure China will be happy to accommodate them in recompense for all their pollution causing the climate change that is drowning their island home!

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I would suggest that all the Pacific Island leaders who have raised concerns about Fukishima, ask the CCP if they come and test the waters around China where their nuclear dishcharge takes place.....everyday. What are the odds that the CCP says yes, feel free to come......lol!

3 ( +4 / -1 )

If they're so concerned, send their scientists

Don't rely on other countries' mouthpieces

Send them to China too while they're at it - where there's been a nuclear power plant construction spree

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