Penguins at Kanagawa aquarium piqued by penny-pinching menu


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When the wellbeing of animals that are effectively prisoners is at risk, you take a hit to your profits. They are the reason these disgusting businesses make any money in the first place.

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Usually I'm criticizing Japan Today articles as LDP propaganda, but today I salute the alliterative abilities of the writer of this one!

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These animals need to free and live their like they want too

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Zoos should be reformed and money donated to

conserve wild spaces

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"It all depends on when things get back to normal."

When fish stocks rapidly decline, there's no going back.

The horse mackerel horse price will increase as the catch dwindles and becomes more inefficient.

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I’m all for animal conservation but have never been a fan of zoos or aquariums. Animals shouldn’t be kept on display for human entertainment. Let them be free. Animals should only be confined under certain circumstances and they shouldn’t be put on public display because the stress of being watched can have detrimental consequences in their health.

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As part of a belt-tightening effort, the Hakone-en aquarium in Kanagawa Prefecture has scrapped some of its traditional and more expensive horse mackerel in favor of cheaper mackerel.

I'm willing to bet the execs at the top still get their bonuses.

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Save the penguins!

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That's it. Changing the penguins because their salaries couldn't possibly take a hit.

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Penny pinching? In Japan? Never!

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The article doesn't say which Penguin species, but I'm fairly certain that both Horse Mackerel (Aji) and Mackerel (Saba) aren't the natural food in their natural habitat. They are used because of availability and cost. Antarctic penguins feed mostly on krill, squid and members of the sardine family.

As for the Penguins and Otters not taking to the mackeral, let them get a little hungry. They'll get over it.

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This site describes the penguin diet:

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I think I saw an online video of this, the "keepers" kept trying to push the fish into the beaks of the Penguins, but the Penguins refused to open up.

Perhaps we should refine our thoughts upon "Intelligence"....

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