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Pictograms on Japanese electric toilets registered as global standard


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Great news - I can finally use a toilet.

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Six kinds of pictograms -- showing instructions on which buttons to press when operating a high-tech Japanese toilets -- have been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The pictograms, designed by a Japanese industrial body of toilet makers, include those for "strong flush," "bidet" and "raise/lower the lid."

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Whatever happened to the 3 shells method?

Will these images be added to iOS and Android?

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Which button turns off the heater in summer?

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They need a child safety lock. I remember the time my 3-year old son accidentally pressed the bidet button and nearly hit the ceiling.

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Whatever happened to the 3 shells method?

Thanks, I should watch that movie again.

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The bidet in at least the modern ones will not work unless you are sitting on the toilet- they have sensors.

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Earlier this month, UNESCO, the U.N. cultural organization, added traditional Japanese Pictograms, or "Washleto no Shinboru," into its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

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Terrific. Now how about some soap?

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Good to hear! Those signs are pretty clear

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When they press the bidet button a song should start:

I can show you the ceiling,

Big, white and splendid,

I can make it extended

On this magic washlet ride..

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The bidet button looks as if you can get your legs washed, too.

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Two of these picture grams look too suspicious for my daughter to see. they look a little bit explicit

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They aren't very clear. The first two look like the spin dry symbols on a washing machine. The bidet one has always been ridiculous.

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amazing, what great news... akin to solving world hunger and gun violence..!

on a side note, I think the one on doors which shows you not to climb on the toilet is the most important one anyways

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This good new! as my brother is traveling to Japan soon ill forward this picture to him now he won't have any bother, as for one of the pict grams I feel so sorry for the ladies, it looks like your getting pressure washed with that jet of water! also i must send him this kanji for the mens toilets (女) haha!

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