Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade


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Aren't police pistols attached to the belt with a cable for that specific situation?

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They have automatic pistols??………….That doesn't sound right

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They have automatic pistols??………….That doesn't sound right

Maybe the automatics are for special assignments like security for important people. That might explain the missing cable usually attached at the butt of most standard police pistols.

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Yeah, this cop was on special assignment, hence the automatic pistol. However, pistols don't just fall out of their holsters. They are clip into the holster so they cannot fall out. You really have to wonder about the competency of Japanese police sometimes.

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I believe most carry a 38

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@since1981 - I believe most carry a 38

Yes, that is right. A .38” 6-shot revolver pistol attached to the their utility belt with a lanyard. However, as stated a couple of times above, police use automatic pistols when on special assignment, such as guarding the prime minister’s motorcade, like in this case.

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@ disollutioned, "Yeah, this cop was on special assignment," yep, your right there, WAS on special assignment.

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Aren't police pistols attached to the belt with a cable for that specific situation?

Yes. But not in this case as explained in the article.

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I feel safe.

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This is what happens when Police Officers pass a difficult "written test" but have no "in the line of duty" skills.

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Good job for returning the gun. No damage done. Hope the police officer doesn't get a too harsh punishment. Not every single thing in the world can be prevented. One must make the mistake to be able to learn from it.

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Good grief.

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I believe they are 5 shot copies of S&W manufacted by Mitsubishi. Being a semi auto I have no ideas it could be anything. Needless to say loosing it was not a career advancing action.

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At least he didn't drop it while dancing and shoot someone while he was retrieving it! (RE: The FBI agent in Denver.) The gun was most likely a H&K USP in 9mm. If they are working plainclothes they should have a proper retention holster for their pistols. There are many different designs available that do not rely on a strap to hold the pistol in place.

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Just for some posters above....

These aren't regular cops. They are the whatever you call diplomatic security guys; they wear suits and sunglasses, that kind of thing.

We saw 5 cars roar down Yamate Dori a month or so ago, maybe rehearsing, or taking someone somewhere?

Cops hanging out of all three passenger windows of 5 cars, basically waving arms, shouting out creating a fuss, at speed, for no good reason.

If they just passed by with the regular flow of traffic no one would have noticed them, LOLOL.

I'm not surprised to hear one lost control of his weapon.

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Hahaha, what a joke. No wonder Abe wants to change the constitution, sdf is really getting no respect because of no wars.

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Some of the officers visited her home and asked her if they could look inside,

What the heck are they looking inside people's homes for? They should be looking outside, on the streets, in bushes, etc. Just how many houses were they going to search and how much time were they going to waste?

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Yes, that is right. A .38” 6-shot revolver pistol attached to the their utility belt with a lanyard. 

Actually most patrol cops carry 5 shot .38 Manabu similar copies to American S&Ws.

However protective detail officers (SPs) usually carry semi-automatics, usually a Sig Sauger P230JP which does come with a lanyard holder (The P230 JP was specially designed for the Japanese police, hence the "JP).

However others carry Glock 17/19s which do not have lanyard holders.

If you watch SP videos on youtube, their SP officers often lean out the window asking cars to stop etc.

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I'm pretty sure that Japan is the only country in the world where this would be national news.

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Never had that problem either at work around town the last 20 years I carried either a government or personally-owned handgun. He must need some more training...

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Anybody with their torso out a car window waving at traffic is called a gunslinger

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