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Princess Ayako engaged in traditional ceremony


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You seem to have forgotten to name the cousin, Prince Takamado.

Princess Ayako, the youngest daughter of Emperor Akihito's late cousin, ___, became officially engaged

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I mean, you do name him, but not until Paragraph 6.

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Nice to see them laughing. All that officialdom associated with the announcement could have been boring, but they seem to be really enjoying themselves. That's a good sign.

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Wow that is a LOT of Yen in severance. They will be set for life with it! Please thank me as these are from my taxes.

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The hat is bad omen, this is the same as Lady Di. But the color is poor beautiful for Japan.

Someone older should teach the princess, common boy can loose their manners too. When there is no family to beat into poverty, it is always harder on the bride.

The European common sense is for women to marry into lower cast while keeping the title. This way, there are free to be what they wish to be without having to answer to meager male.

The sagesse woman touch is : in love but sensitive to male reality.

I give my congratulations to the male, and pray to the princess with a dwarf.



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The imperial Household Agency must have done due diligence on Kei Moriya, and he came up clean, unlike Princess Mako's fiance Kei Komuro. I wonder if he also had to fill out a 'Future Life Plan', detailing his future career.

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The hat is bad omen

The least weird thing about your weird post, and that's saying something.

Both of them are from good families, let's not worry about them too much.

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THe scene: 5 years in the future. Its 11:00am. Kei is sprawled on the sofa in his underwear. Beer cans litter the floor. The former princess is pouring herself another shot of gin. A brat cries in the background....

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