Princess Hisako's daughter Ayako to marry businessman in October


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Sounds pretty quick... shotgun wedding ?

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That woulda been a rushed background check.Hopefully no hidden surprises this time.But having only been together six months before deciding to marry, suggests something is amiss.

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Good job Kei!!

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If and when the eight princesses of that generation are all married off, the imperial family may comprise only Prince Hisato. What's the backup plan?

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... prince Hisahito

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@mmwkdw oh FFS.

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It is quick, but maybe it is an omiai, and they decided they would go ahead, so why wait.

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They’ll always have royal blood no matter what the House says.

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They met through their mothers, who are acquainted through work with a charity organization.

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Actually, I don't understand these royals. If being a royal is such a legitimate honor and all that nonsense, then by being so easily willing to throw it away to marry a lowly commoner, it shows a lack of respect for the royal life and privledge you've been so blessed with.

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Yuko Maeda,

So do you think all the females should remain single? You do realize that if they want to have a husband and children*, their only choice is to marry a commoner as there are no eligible males in the royal family.

*I know a princess could have a child without getting married and that might happen someday, but I’m thinking it’s not likely with the current ones. I’m also not sure what the law has to say about a princess marrying a royal from another country.

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