Princess Mako's engagement announcement delayed after rain deaths


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Sad this situation has come about, I hope things will get better for the affected and the couples future.

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There's still time to change your mind Princess

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"There's still time to change your mind Princess"

Maybe he's the one who should be reconsidering.

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Classy statement.

I'm not hearing a denial in your response Stranger. In my opinion LandofExcuses didn't say anything we were not already thinking; that includes the staff of JapanToday.

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So, this is just the pre-engagement promise of a promise announcement?

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sensei257, paulinusa,

Why should either one one of them need to be reconsidering? They have dated for a few years, obviously know what they are getting into and are capable of making up their own minds. They certainly don't need a bunch of rude strangers on the internet telling them what to do.

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let's wait for the misfortune of others to die down before we announce our happiness

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Wht don't they just nip down City Hall on Monday morning?

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It its Delayed Too long I come to Japan and Marry the Young Lady my self .

I now Pronounce Husband and Wife but here I say The opposite way As once a Princess always a princess.

Mako, Do you take this Commoner to be your Law full wedded partner .

Knowing you will loose your wright to the Throne.

To future Husband If you touch one hair on her body in anger you will turn into a toad and get ran over splat .

Woop,s Do you love this fine young lady to cause her a life of misery thats as bad as a life in jail

Well almost as bad

No I will love this beautiful Princess for the rest of my life and will protect her from all evil Congratulations son you are now Woman and man Tied with this gold band for ever to love trust and obey for all of your natural lives..

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BungleToday  03:21 pm JST

"Hmm. Delaying the announcement due to inclement weather. I think not."

You're right! It's not due to inclement weather, it's out of respect and concern for the many dead, the many still missing, the many still awaiting rescue, the many who have lost their homes, businesses, farms, the many working hard to rescue people or find bodies, install temporary or repair infrastructure, the many helping victims clean their homes, the many caring for survivors in evacuation centers, etc.

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I think everyone's got the message already. Why bother announcing that something is going to be announced? It's like having a meeting to discuss about having a meeting.

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Pukey2Today  03:06 am JST

"I think everyone's got the message already. Why bother announcing that something is going to be announced? It's like having a meeting to discuss about having a meeting."

This is about a formal, official announcement/press conference. If it was not announced beforehand the members of the media would not know when and where to go and it would just be the two of them talking to the IHA staff.

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Also the members of the Japanese public who are interested in the Royal family want to know when it will be.

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Like Educator wrote, we like to know when it will be.  Unlike When Emperor was marrying,,, Gov't is blessing.

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