Princess Takamado says it is great honor to be in Russia

By Margaryta Chornokondratenko

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Never going to happen, but it sure would be interesting to see Japan and Russia have a match together at this WC!

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Russian icon paintings are some of the most valuable in the world.

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A very smart and very nice lady. She grew up in the UK, went to Cambridge University and became a great football fan during her time in England. Arsenal supporter, one hears.

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Amazing! Princess Takamado is a great Ambassador of Japan, like Catherine Princess of England. This could smooth relations, before Japan-Russia negotiations over control of the Northern Territories.But why is she wearing a hijab.

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@Ganbara Japan!

Sadly people ares till primitive in 2018 and believe in fantasy figures, such as Allah and "God".

Whatever their comic books of blissful lulling stories tell them, need to be forced even upon other countries dignities.

Such is the complex human mind and that we, as a race, 80% of us are still too dimwitted to understand and grasp all aspects of life without having some prosperity and comfort to hold onto in times of uncertainty.

That is how religion was born, forced upon others, and still kept alive by the overwhelming majority of unintelligent people in 2018.

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Ganbare Japan

But why is she wearing a hijab.

She is not. She is covering her head with a scarf which all women entering the church are required to do.

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Russian icon paintings are some of the most valuable in the world.

Russia is indeed a country rich in culture and history.

I'm not familiar with Princess Takamado, but she seems to be a good representative for this visit.

But why is she wearing a hijab.

It's not a hijab in the Islamic sense. A lot of women wear headscarves, not just for religious beliefs,a and most just Muslims for that matter. This article shows some details.

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Nice photo.

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But why is she wearing a hijab.

Do you really think she is wearing a hijab in a Russian Orthodox church gambare?

Google is your friend.

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Oh hush, there's no need to be so self-righteous. Being religious doesn't necessarily mean you're unintelligent and vice versa. Besides, people make up all sorts of arbitrary rules regardless of religion. It's just how we make sense of the world.

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