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Quake death toll 78; 51 missing as rescuers race against time


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Considering the huge number of tremors over M5, I'm honestly surprised the numbers aren't higher. Good luck to all!

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I hope they find survivors under the rubble. This is a terrible disaster.

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It's an older population up there. Very tough to be trapped in your home. I hope they find more people.

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Noto Peninsula Earthquake: AAR Japan launched Emergency Assistance


I have made a donation and will be sending clothing.

I have items in storage that could be of assistance.

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The search and rescue has ended.

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Tens of thousands could well be homeless.

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J Government need to jump on this hard, and seen to be doing so.

New year and hell on earth, frightened, days possibly weeks, families in soup kitchens sleeping on floors, one moment a roof the next destitution.

Every cabinet member should be in a jumpsuit waving a shovel.

On site in unity with the people.

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The survivors are not getting the aid they need.

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In the middle of the tragedy a lot of lives were saved thanks to preparation and drills, but no matter how much preparation is done for an event as disastrous as this victims will still be present.

Unfortunately it seems there are also preventable complications that were not addressed on time that are making survival unnecessarily difficult for many victims..

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The Tokyo government has ended the search and rescue to search and recover.

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I pray for you

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This is a race against time, and I feel that we are at a critical moment,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said. On Thursday, he announced that the number of troops dispatched for rescue operations is increasing from about 1,000 to 4,600.

Typical cart before the horse Japanese BS!

My uncle is there living in his car in sub zero temps, running out of petrol to keep the heater on and most likely will die because Kishida only NOW realises this is an emergency!!!

4600?? After 72 hours is a god damn joke! Should be 46000! Think outside the box for god sake! There are people dying and you have your blue work jacket on doing press conferences while still in Tokyo! The Japanese govt is an absolute embarrassment!

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'Officials' are having difficulty getting key supplies to many villages on the Noto Peninsula that are cut off. I'd like to point out that the U.S. Military has a huge capability in this area. I can tell you that military members would much rather be providing assistance than training. All it would take is one phone call from PM Kishida to get things rolling. (I know Japan needs to save face and appear capable of taking care of its own people. But, if you really want to be capable help your people faster! It is no shame to accept assistance in a natural disaster.)

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ordered Thursday that all efforts be made to rescue victims of the quake that rocked Ishikawa Prefecture and surrounding areas, as the end of a 72-hour rescue window approached.

> “Until those 72 hours crucial for saving lives pass, I urge you to do your utmost to save and rescue as many people as possible with everything you have on the ground,” Kishida said at a Central Disaster Management Council meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office.

> Survival rates begin to drop off 72 hours after a quake. That rescue window will close Thursday evening.


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Japanese Kishida government's response to Noto peninsula quake and tsunami is very dull. 

3 January, lifesaving requests or food and water insufficience are reported from suffering areas one after another.

But Govt haven't done even air transport with helicopters despite 2 days passed from quake.

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Personally from afar and what I have read I think the Japanese government is doing the best they can do with disaster response considering the weather and not being able to logistically in considering the damaged road conditions from the quake. The perception that I am getting from some of the post is the government has failed or is doing little or nothing, the people who are not directly affected by a disaster may have limited information and may not fully understand the scope and complexity of the response efforts. Secondly, they let the media play on their emotions and frustration can lead to criticism of authorities, even when they are working diligently to address the situation. Lastly, the expectations for disaster response can be demanding and very high i must say, and people may perceive that more could and should be done, even if resources and logistics are constrained. During time like this the most important thing is to promote open communication, transparency, and understanding during such times so that the issues are to address constructively and not in a negative light.

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But why is the Tokyo Government involved in search and rescue in Northern Hokuriku?

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But why is the Tokyo Government involved in search and rescue in Northern Hokuriku?

Japanese people helping Japanese people..

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Be strong Japan..

Recover soon..

God bless Japan..


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Personally from afar and what I have read I think the Japanese government is doing the best they can do with disaster response considering the weather and not being able to logistically in considering the damaged road conditions from the quake

Local governments are supposed to spend lots of time on bousai, disaster preparation. A remote area like Noto, the hardest hit towns Wajima and Suzu are at the very top, with only narrow mountainous or coastal roads in should have its own contingencies. If their evacuation center has no blankets and a very limited amount of food and water, that's not very good.

I actually suspect such people could grab bedding, food, warm clothing, etc. from their damaged homes, but the police and authorities have prohibited this due to what the rulebook says. We've evacuated ourselves once, and that's what it was like.

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