Race against time to rescue stranded flood victims; 52 dead


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I watched a Tik Tok video today of what appeared to be an older couple standing on the roof of their small house then the house was washed off its foundation and began floating away one of them slipped off the roof and disappeared into the muddy torrent, sad

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The nursing home tragedy should never have happened. Why would anyone build such a home near a river which is prone to flooding? One can't fathom the dread they suffered.

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On the news you could see that a lot of the houses under flooding were new builds. Build recently but only protected from the river by dykes. Surely there is enough land above the flood plain. This is basically the countryside, with a falling population, no reason to build there. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy the new builds I’ve seen along the banks of the Tamagawa.

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Fourteen of the dead were wheelchair-bound residents of a nursing home unable to escape to higher ground as the waters rose.

wtf. To echo a previous commenter, where were the carers? Why weren’t they evacuated beforehand? This is nuts

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Every year.

This is so heartbreaking. Imagine living a full and normal life and in your final years you put yourself in the hands of someone else and then you drown. Its such a miserable way to end your life and as this happens so often you would think someone would take these floods into account when locating people in wheelchairs.

I am beginning to feel angry.

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Those poor souls. Requiescant In Pace.

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GOD BLESS JAPAN!!! I am so sad to read about these terrible events, and with the virus lurking, it is like a disaster movie, but no Godzilla to fight the enemy... one last thought, my heart sank even lower reading about those poor defenseless people in the nursing home... it is just mortifying.... pax

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We are with victims under severe conditions. I visited JAPAN may times very great and brave people.

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Japan and natural disasters:

Always too late. And then fussy inconveniences for a “next time”, and that “next time” never happens when or where they think it will.

That’s Japan.

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But ..only 2 years ago? Similar event?


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