Relatives commemorate victims on 33rd anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash


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" But none were indicted after Boeing refused to cooperate." What an arrogrance!

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@Schopenhauer.... so you know exactly what happened. You know for sure who inspected what and what transpired after repairs were made. You know for sure that Boeing made the repair and said nothing about how they did it to JAL. Maybe should should write a book.

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The investigators had a fair idea of what happened, or thought they did. The police obviously thought there was a case to be made. Referring the cases to court would have brought out the truth and allowed some justice for the 520 people killed.

What excuse can you offer for Boeing's refusal to co-operate?

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@SaikoPhysco - The point is not that Boeing were proven to be guilty of anything, it is that they would not participate in normal procedures to discover who was responsible and allow justice to take its course. That is why they may be described as arrogant... or worse. Thankfully I mostly fly on Airbus products these days :P

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Watch the movie. Watanabe Ken. Very good.

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But none were indicted after Boeing refused to cooperate

Sure, who cares about half a thousand of Japanese?! The most pressing subject is to cover one's a...s, defend profits and duck responsibility.

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The AC went on for 30 minutes between the failure and the crash, can't even imagine what it must have been being in during that period, certainly excruciating.

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There is more to whole story then just the negligence of the airline manufacturing. The US Airforce offered immediate assistance to send immediate rescue crews that night but the Japanese government refused to accept it. Aid did not reach the mountain until the next morning. According to one of the survivors there were others alive but most likely died of shock/ cold.

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Climber's High was a movie from 2008 that went over the disaster if you haven't seen it. Although it can be a corny drama at times the serious parts were good and calls into question the investigation.

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This really makes my blood boil.

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The TV show Air Crash investigation covered this accident. As much as I otherwise support Boeing, the fault seems to lay squarely at their feet. May all the victims rest in peace.

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This is from wikipedia:

In the aftermath of the incident, Hiroo Tominaga, a JAL maintenance manager, killed himself to atone for the incident, while Susumu Tajima, an engineer who had inspected and cleared the aircraft as flightworthy, committed suicide due to difficulties at work

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JAL was at fault as well for improper safety inspections. They cleared the air craft as "safe" when it was not. They we're the last line of defense from this disaster.

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4 min synopsis of the tragedy here:

Boeing old repair fails on plane 7 years later

14 hour delay in emergency rescue operations. Many could have been saved.

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Point is.... Boeing said the probability of failure after 10,000 hours of flight time after the fix increased greatly. The Plane had over 12,000 hours of flight time after the repair work was done. Now, if Boeing properly told JAL maintenance people and JAL itself of those parameters.... could Boeing have any blame at all? At this point I do not know if JAL was informed, because Boeing didn't say anything about it. But also it is believed that they were informed because JAL made Zero attempt to go after Boeing regarding any culpability. So there you are. Again, if Boeing made JAL aware.... then all the posters blaming them are just blowing smoke.... we don't know still. And the didn't, then my apologies.

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What point can I make.... JAL asked Boing not to cooperate because if they did it would have been 100% apparent that JAL knew of the danger in running that flight past 10,000 hours. The possibility is there. And that is a valid point. Again, if Boeing told JAL beforehand of the danger.... then Boeing would be guilty of covering for JAL. Also, do you all realize how much money this one flight was probably making JAL on a Daily basis. It had to be quite high. So here is another point for you.... why would Boeing make the fix in the way it did? They could have waited.... they were not going to lose money but JAL would. It was 1985.... airlines fares in Japan were quite high at the time and fuel prices were low. A lot of points people.

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Interesting that the maintenance blamed for the crash was done 7 years before the crash itself. Apparently the cockpit recordings of the captain show how calm and cool he was even though he knew they were going to crash. He somehow managed to keep the plane airborne for a longer period (40 minutes or so) than any other pilot could do in a simulator reenactment.

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The article's pretty clear, as are the well-documented Wikipedia articles quoted by other posters.

A Japanese government investigation commission in 1987 concluded that the accident was caused by faulty repairs conducted by Boeing Co, the aircraft's manufacturer, on the pressure bulkhead in 1978, with JAL failing to detect any problems in its maintenance checks.

So - faulty repairs by Boeing, and top of that inadequate maintenance by JAL. I agree with you that JAL looks at least as much to blame as does Boeing. But JAL paid compensation to the families, their president resigned and two maintenance technicians committed suicide. OK, so they didn't formally accept the blame, but it was something.

Wouldn't it have been better corporate policy for Boeing to have gone to trial and cleared the company name, so that all these points such as the ones you raise could have been examined fully? Boeing's refusal to co-operate further just makes them look like bad corporate citizens with something to hide.

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Boeing with any shadow of doubt should have been made to attend a court. any one else involved in serious crime had to attend, can you imagine a bank robber saying "sorry but I don't want to go to court", what a joke! all of the evidence should have been presented, the court should have heard that evidence with experts from the flight investigators, Boeing staff, and possibly have evidence from other countries experts, especially when your dealing with this amount of fatalities, If Boeing were held accountable ( or not) they should be punished accordingly. this way at least the bereaved families can have some sort of closure.

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Is it still possible that Boeing could be called into question over this accident? is the case file still open? what about the statute of limitations? can Boeing still be asked to explain them selfs? I just wonder if this is the case what evidence has been lost.

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" But none were indicted after Boeing refused to cooperate." What an arrogrance!

there were many mistakes made, one of the survivors remembers hearing cries for help all around her but as the night wore on they fell silent, why because resucue workers thought it was better to wait until first light to resume the search wasting valuable hrs. The crash site was discovered by a US airforce C130 18minutes after the crash they relayed the position to J authorities, US military offered assistance but it was declined.

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Japanese police referred to prosecutors a total of 20 people including Boeing and JAL employees for their alleged negligence in 1988. But none were indicted after Boeing refused to cooperate.

Say wha? A much more fair written, and better documented article to be found here:

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Japanese police referred to prosecutors a total of 20 people including Boeing and JAL employees for their alleged negligence in 1988. But none were indicted after Boeing refused to cooperate.

ay wha? A much more fair written, and better documented article to be found here:

What is your linked article adding on that statement ?

From the linked article :

Gunma Prefectural Police eventually charged 20 people, including four Boeing employees, with negligence. But prosecutors declined to seek indictments after Boeing refused to cooperate

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This was a terrible tragedy all around, but I'm sorry, blaming a 10 year old repair for a crash is like me never changing the oil in my car and blaming Toyota when the engine seizes.

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