Relocation of Tokyo fish market to Toyosu begins

By Nicolas Datiche

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OmachiOct. 7  07:27 pm JST

“Those carts don't look road certified - turn signals, brake lights, seat belts... Give those boys tickets, points, and fines... :)”

You are not the only one wondering about them. One of the evening TV news programs did a feature on their history etc. They said one needs a driver’s license, of the same class as for driving a tractor. Also that they have license plates and are allowed on the roads.

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jiji XX: As I understand it, some restaurants are closing for a few days due to the lack of fish and other seafood while The Exodus is underway...going full blast even as we speak this evening. While there are other wholesale food sites in Japan, none are of the volume of T/T (Tsukiji/Toyosu). Prepare for shortages for a few days.

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Only in Japan Youtuber has made the last day at Tsukiji Market video. But most workers have probably taken the photographs of themselves posing there with sad smile.

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so I wonder where/how business is being done during the move (between now and the 11th.)

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Zenji: for the sake of some backdoor politician's bank account.

BigYen: right on the money. It is an exodus into exile.

I am holding on to the hope that they will be back after the 2020 O'ics. Koike chirps on about this and it might work...if the shopkeepers can hold on that long in Toyosu. Will go Oct. 11th, then visit the Tsukiji jonai to witness the beginning of its physical destruction. The spirit of the people will go on somehow. Those turret truck drivers are unbeatable.

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It is an epic exodus...and yes, a kind of exile from their homeland.

Exodus, exile - those were the words that occurred to me when I saw this photo. It saddens me to think Tsukiji is no more. Are people going to wake up in a few years' time and realize what they've lost?

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SAD, VERY SAD. This is not progress.This is killing off history for the sake of????

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One-time event? The move has been in the works for over a decade and would've been completed years ago if not for the contamination/political issues. The Olympics being around the corner just forced them to 'hurry' things up.

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This saddens me...all of this for a one time event...I get that it was old, and there were some problems but you can't deny the historical and cultural aspect of it. Idk where it's moving to but I'm sure it will have a completely different feel to it. But, where one chapter ends, a new one begins.

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@ commanteer you could rent out a big tuna outfit, and a sea urchin, and a cod outfit as well!!

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They should rent those turret trucks out to tourists. I have can't count the number of times I took westerners to these markets and all they wanted to do was have a chance to drive one of those gizmos. Throw in a Mario cap and mustache, and they'll be lining up.

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It is an epic exodus...and yes, a kind of exile from their homeland.

I think there are over 2,000 turret trucks and 500 forklifts making the journey, according to one Japanese Twitter site.

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Those carts don't look road certified - turn signals, brake lights, seat belts... Give those boys tickets, points, and fines... :)

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Rats are problem in places older than 50 in tokyo, but i agree with u that they probably exaggerated the issue to suit their situation.

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Wouldn't be surprised if there's news stories abound regarding Rats in the old place, just to make this move seem more of a necessity.

Though I guess the Rats are thinking to themselves that the new place is somewhat contaminated and a danger to their health....

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Hey, that looks really fun(

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Thats a one in a million picture, I don't think that you ever see that again, when will the the road system be closed of for these turret carts and fork lifts again?

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