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Rescue efforts continue after heavy rains kill 9 in east Japan


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Tragic. My thoughts the the friends and families of the departed. I hope everyone makes a swift and complete comolete recovery.

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In the picture, ‘standing on the banks of a swollen river’- surely, not the wisest action to take during torrential rain?

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Did the trains get stopped?

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I live at a city near Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. Rain yesterday was what I did not experience living 50 years in the metropolitan area. Torrential rain continued from morning toward the evening. I realized heavy rain is as dangerous as strong winds. Better build a house not closer to rivers and mountains.

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Never a mention of the 'climate emergency'.

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When it rains in Japan, it rains a lot. Way more than European countries where people may still moan about rain.

This situation means that any time there is an event that is a few percent bigger, whether climate change driven or not, it can overcome a number of tipping points, the river topping the levees, the slope giving way, people's core temperatures hitting fatal levels in a heatwave etc. Since nature will ultimately win and we have to live with this precariousness, perhaps what Japan needs is more carpe diem. Enjoy your life, don't sit in meetings while someone reads a printout.

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Exactly what the science has been telling us for years. more trapped heat in the system means more evaporation, humidy, and wetter more destructive storms and flooding.

This week record flooding in France (1 years worth in 24hours) and Spain. As I've

Mentioned before all these weather events are just the dots of climate change coming together.

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The housing stock isn't going to ride out increased storms very well. Japan has the urban planners and engineers to help, if only there was the political will to act

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I live in Mobara, one of the city affected. Trains stopped yesterday and could not be back. On the way back home now, trains have restarted since noon. I am not close from a river but our parking lot was under 50cm of water. My car should be fine but I am not sure yet.

The river caused floodings in the city, which I have for sure never seen before. though it was some smaller scale flooding a few years back.

One month ago, we already had a long power blackout after typhoon 15.

That’s Mother Nature.

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