Seawalls may give false sense of security during a tsunami


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Don't tell the concrete companies. Why live near the sea when all you can see is a concrete wall? Move back and up get the view and be safe?

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Considering how many seawalls failed in the 2011 tsunami I'd say it was a bit of a given.

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It appears as though this particular wall was built of sections stacked. directly, one on top of the other, with no offsets. Even the most basic architectural student knows that staggering such makes for stronger walls. I hope that, at the very least, they were smart enough to drive pylons or rebar through them.

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Considering how many seawalls failed in the 2011 tsunami I'd say it was a bit of a given.

I didn't even know there were walls in the first place.

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skaizun, I agree. If a tsunami requiring that height hits, that barrier is toast.

Remove all barriers and let nature take its course. Better would be to subsidize insurance for people in those areas and improving access to evacuation areas.

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I've seen a lot of ugly seawalls around Japan, and they certainly do destroy my love of viewing the ocean. And with many of them, you can't find a way through to the beach for a nice day of walking along the breakers. Sad, but in Japan's case, necessary from as much a political perspective as a disaster prevention one.

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The seawall pictures is indeed a sad JOKE for many reasons.

Yes structurally it looks weak as hell because of what Skaisan pointed out! Just think about how much in taxes was wasted on it. Of course its ugly as hell

And I doubt it will be very effective in the event of a 3/11

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If a coastal city’s seawall is higher than a forecast tsunami, residents are less likely to evacuate promptly,

I daresay this is true but probably also partly due to that fact that if a tsunami higher than your sea wall is forecast you're going to put in extra effort to get out of there.

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