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Seibu Railway's new limited express train -- "Laview" Image: Seibu Railways

Seibu Railway announces name of luxurious train to run next spring


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Very cool. This one will be an enjoyable ride.

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Wait, what???

So, are they actually going to get rid of the "Red Arrow" name completely??

If so, its a TERRIBLE decision!!

"Red Arrow" is easy to remember, "Laview" is like some wimpish J-car name!!

Seriously, keep the trademark Red Arrow name. This would be like Odakyu getting rid of the "Romance Car" name just because they are introducing new train stock!

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I always wonder why all trains can’t be like this? Same as long distance bus. If mass produced it is cheap. For example, all cars have TVs.

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How about "LaFly"? It has bubbly eye windshields and it looks "fly".

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@Goodlucktoyou - For example, all cars have TVs.

Yes, which are illegally set up to be watchable while the car is moving causing distractions to the driver.

The train does look pretty sci-fi-ish. The name is just a name. It has about the amount of imagination as Australia's east coast express train. It's called, the VFT - Very Fast Train. (roll eyes)

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Sadly, in Japanese it'll be called "Ra-bi-yuu".

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I always wonder why all trains can’t be like this? 

The US, EU, and Korea have tough train crash standards that prevent such front and rear view coach cars.

Japan and China have no train crash standard of any kind whatsoever, so such scenic view train is only possible in Japan and China. Other countries would have to settle for virtual window view trains instead.

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It would have been nice to have some more pictures of the inside

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@ Smith - which sounds like I love you, maybe that's the plan

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i saw this train over the weekend passing through shizuoka. everyone who saw it was practically mesmerized with how it looked! super excited to know that it's going to be ready next year.

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